Beau Blankenship Tops the Real Estate Industry, With the Increasing Popularity of Northwest Florida Homes

Beau Blankenship Tops the Real Estate Industry, With the Increasing Popularity of Northwest Florida Homes

Thousands of buyers from Northwest Florida flock to the scenic Highway 30-A Coast. One of the best reasons for this is that the amazing views of the sandy beaches and the beaches with clear blue water views are made with the houses, which is the most amazing and attractive view here.

The Northwest Florida Scenic Highway is not the only jaw-dropping home of real estate. It is also home to the Beau Blankenship Group, which specializes in luxury residential property, according to Engel and Volker’s of Florida. Led by Beau Blankenship, Beau Blankenship Group had a record-setting year last year with $ 336M in sales and pending volume.

Northwest Florida homes have been growing in popularity over the years, but the popularity of coastal properties skyrocketed after the epidemic hit last year. With the increasing popularity of Northwest Florida homes, Beau Blankenship added 5 agents to its team, and their work has spoken for itself. He was named # 70 in the country and # 11 in Florida for volume sold in 2019 by the Wall Street Journal.

For a small team in the industry, Beau Blankenship found ways outside to see his listed homes. They use personal websites and professional photography and videography to make their homes stand out and pop in the market. And this meditation does not go unnoticed.

With Beau Blankenship experience selling and buying hundreds of homes, Beau Blankenship is offering her top 3 tips for selling homes. First of all, we should determine how much you can buy your house and how much your monthly salary is, so that you can estimate your monthly mortgage payment. And furthermore, to find out your ROI is to get the rental return vs. the cost, it is called Beau Blankenship.

Second, find out your credit score. Start talking to lenders about what interest rate you are eligible for. If you can get prequalified with your chosen lender, this is extremely useful when you start looking at homes. And when you have determined your house that this is the house to take, then you should set your payment and keep the idea that I can probably live without it, keeping my high desires. And if you have a large family, then you definitely need a house that has more than one bedroom and that house is big.

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