Bensalem, Pa Amber Howard Howard – Balling From The Beginning, and Rising to the occasion

Bensalem, Pa Amber Howard Howard – Balling From The Beginning, and Rising to the occasion

Amber Howard the 16-year-old junior and 3rd year varsity basketball starter for Bensalem High School is putting it all on her shoulders this season. She does a lot of impactful things during games that don’t make it to the scoreboard.  Howard is strong and active on both sides of the ball, and a natural force when it comes to rebounding. She has a unique poised style, plays with exceptional patience, utilizes the jab and attacks with strength. Making it easy for her to finish at the rim whenever she desires, but also feeds the post. She’s a Division 1 prospect getting her 1st offer her freshman season. Catching the attention of schools such as NC A&T, Rider, Lafayette, Villanova, Seton Hall, YALE, St. Joes, Lasalle, University of Delaware, Fairleigh Dickinson, Columbia, and more. Now as she finishes the remaining part of her high school season she’ll begin to prepare for her final AAU run, recently committing to play with the Nike National Champions “Philly Rise EYBL 17u” coached by Talen Watson.

Going into your last season of AAU how was your experience and programs you’ve been a part of?

My best times playing the sport are during AAU season. I’ve played for a few programs over the years for middle school it was Next level elite, Chargers, and Bucks county Elite.  Once I got to High school I joined the Philadelphia Belles for 2 seasons. We had a great team; I learned a lot playing for coach Peterson.

What does your family think about all your success?

My family supported me from day one.  My mom was the first to notice that I liked the sport. I remember she would tell my dad all the time to get me on a team. But they are my biggest fans and are at almost every game. My family also travels with me for AAU. They are excited about seeing me someday play in college.

How do you handle the pressure of all the schools interested in you joining their program?

I don’t see it as pressure, I really enjoy visiting the schools.  It’s all new to me and my family, it’s a great experience for me. I love seeing the campuses, meeting the coaches and players.

So, being as though you can play multiple positions which is your favorite?

At first, I used to hate it when teams would put me downlow coming from the guard position.  I quickly became used to playing the role when needed. But my favorite position is on the wing, I’m able to do more from there.

Is there anyone whom you would like to thank for your success?

I would like to thank God, as well as my parents of course. I’ve had a lot of trainers over the years, I’ve worked with (coach Kwame Byrd, Purpose Ball, Lakeisha Sutton “Fan Favorite”, coach Riley, Tayron Thomas, Kyle, coach Candy) But a big thank you to coach Shon from Bucks County Elite he taught me a lot gave me a push. A huge thank you to coach Petey, she really helped me take things to a whole different level. She’s the goat!


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