BollywoodRo: Following A New Generation of Artists and Producers

BollywoodRo: Following A New Generation of Artists and Producers

BollywoodRo, a Maryland-based artist that is on the rise, is unquestionably someone you should watch in the next few years. The main message he conveys to his fans is, “Knowing yourself and being who you are gives you power”. He has checked all the boxes for an artist who is poised to be great, including having thousands of streams across all streaming services, and has gained support from Philadelphia legend, Freeway, and managers for celebrities such as Troy Carter.

BollywoodRo began his musical career, with just a midi keyboard that his mother gave him. He started out by making beats for his basketball teammates to rap to. As he continued to make progress, he started to send beats out of his friends’ circle under the name KnowRoBeatz. Nobody wanted to rap or sing on his beats when he first started, so it took a while for him to get that small buzz. He began writing and recording music after his grandfather died of cancer shortly after his career began. It was self-produced and dedicated to him. This put BollywoodRo in touch with Cordae’s engineer, Brendan Ferry; he sent him his demo, and Brendan liked it and wanted to work with him. These two ended up collaborating to create his first EP, “It’s Time,” which is now available on all platforms.

BollywoodRo stands out from the other musicians in this generation because of the way he incorporates elements of his ethnic upbringing into his music. His beats, samples, and lyrics all clearly reflect this. With that, those who listened to his music had the opportunity to truly learn about him and develop a genuine sense of connection with him that most others were unable to. He is also an entrepreneur and is in the process of starting his own company called AŠVA, which will assist athletes in achieving mind, body, and emotional balance on and off the playing field. One of his key objectives, to help display and share the richness and depth of Indian culture, is greatly aided by these two parts of his career.

Together with the staff of Venice Music, Vuzec, and DJ Rob Mista DMV, BollywoodRo is now working on a number of projects that will be released in the upcoming months. With singles being released gradually to highlight the craft before the projects are published, there will surely be a difference in the anticipation. As the work is being developed with great care, anticipate the best of the best to arrive. That said, Ro is undoubtedly a talented artist with a lot of potential. On this website, we firmly believe that as time passes, he has the potential to match the accomplishments of his musical heroes, Jay-Z among them.

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