Branding Expert Cody Cornwell set to unveil his top marketing learnings in his new book

Branding Expert Cody Cornwell set to unveil his top marketing learnings in his new book

When it comes to working, and the fulfillment one derives from it, we find that only a handful of people are truly satisfied with what they do. For some others, it is difficult situations, hardships, and hurdles that put them on the path of their lives’ true calling. A career switch for Ohio-based Cody Cornwell, co-owner of Heavy Marketing LLC, meant discovering his passion and understanding for marketing and driving brands forward with nuanced branding strategy.

Cody Cornwell is now planning to author a book on branding and strategy. Readers can expect a deep-dive into the fast-paced world of branding and formulate a strategy for optimal return on investment and traction with target groups. While these are broad strokes that one would expect from a tome on the subject, the actual USP of the content is first-hand access to Cornwell’s expert insights backed by his personal experiences and a fascinating foray into the world of marketing and brand building. It is a book that promises to offer the best of both worlds, learning for eager minds and an inspiration for budding and on-the-fence entrepreneurs to finally take the plunge and step towards a fulfilling, prosperous career path.

Heavy Marketing’s very first month brought in over staggering revenue to their clients’ brand. Within 60 days, they did over 1.5 times that, bringing in even more substantial returns. Shedding light on how the team achieved such stellar results, Cornwell adds, “With an in house ‘high-ticket closing team,’ we usually are working with large personal brands to put their marketing and sales on steroids. We handle everything from branding/business consulting to ad creation/implementation to high ticket sales calls.” Cody’s company grew exponentially, from strength to strength. Today, Cody has built a strong clientele and a stellar reputation. “Over time, I had amassed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in marketing and branding. Apart from guiding our clients, I wanted to help give back. Now, I’m focusing on my upcoming book.”

Before setting up his digital marketing agency in Florida, Cornwell was a humble blue-collar employee. The pure desire to find a better way to live a fulfilling life on both personal and professional fronts became the seed of action change. Books and subsequent online courses were Cornwell’s gateway to learn and understand the nitty-gritty of the business. “I figured out how to create an income that would replace my old life to give me the life of my dreams; that’s when the dream of owning my marketing agency started. Heavy Marketing LLC”, says Cornwell.

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