Caviar presents the Versus Collection’s $9,000 Viking arrow-encrusted iPhone 15 Pro

Caviar presents the Versus Collection’s $9,000 Viking arrow-encrusted iPhone 15 Pro

Caviar is a Dubai-based luxury brand that specializes in crafting personalized smartphone designs with uncommon materials and distinctive patterns. They recently unveiled a new line of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max accessories that emphasizes themes of masculinity and dynamism while drawing inspiration from Norse mythology.

Versus Collection by Caviar

The $9,000 iPhone 15 Pro Max Viking is the most notable item in the collection. With an embedded fragment of an ancient Viking arrowhead from between 850 and 1000 AD, it has a distinctive design. With 24K gold frames that give the phone the appearance of a helmet, the forged carbon chassis—which is similar in color to Lamborghini sports cars—adds an opulent touch to the device.

The Windstorm, Verdant, and Nord are among the additional iPhone 15 Pro models from Caviar; each has a distinct color scheme and set of design elements. Customers can choose from four different chassis colors for these models: Blue (Nord), Green (Verdant), Black (Windstorm), and Grey (Viking). Although the iPhone 15 Pro from Apple may not come in vivid colors, Caviar fills this void by releasing custom chassis in vibrant blue and green in addition to the more somber black and grey.

High-end components used in the series include titanium and fine 24K gold, both of which are renowned for their strength and beauty. The dark green, blue, and grey forged composites that are used in the devices give them a sophisticated look.

The iPhone 15 Pro Windstorm is the least expensive model in the lineup at $6,860, while the Viking model costs $9,000. The pricing of the Verdant and Nord models is comparable to that of the Windstorm. There are just 17 Viking models and 99 Verdant, Nord, and Windstorm models available, making each of these models a limited edition. Additionally, last month, the company unveiled the UFO collection for the iPhone 15 series.


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