Charting a success story as a self-made music artist, make way for Boi Angel

Charting a success story as a self-made music artist, make way for Boi Angel

After the success of his debut EP “Flowers on the Table,” he wants people to shower all their love on his upcoming project “Run Free.”

It is truly astounding to know about all those people who ensure to optimize every opportunity in front of them, create greater ones, hustle each day and create their own sweet journey to success. What is even more impressive to learn is that most of these individuals are young minds and talents who did not try to imitate the journeys of other established names in their industry but instead paved their own path to growth and success, putting in rigorous efforts, hard work and working with perseverance at every step of the way, just like singer and songwriter Boi Angel from Queens, New York, the US did.

Boi Angel stands tall and unique as a one-of-a-kind singer and songwriter who has immersed himself in the genres of alternative R&B, rap and pop and every day makes sure to learn something new to implement in his musical work. He was born and raised in Queens and always found a close inclination toward everything related to music. This, very early in his life, made him realize his love for music and motivated him to be a part of this competitive but creative industry. His music today stands distinctive from the rest because it is a reflection of his experiences and, most importantly, him as a person. Also, he often incorporates themes of the trials and tribulations of relationships and life in his lyrics, which makes for impactful music pieces. Heavily influenced by 90s R&B, there is also storytelling in most of his songs, making him more unique.

After giving a hit debut EP, “Flowers on the Table” in February 2023 and showcasing people his love for music, his unique style in the alternative R&B/rap scene, he was more than determined to come up with something that could further strike a chord with people’s hearts, and that’s how he came up with “Run Free,” his new project to be dropped in March 2023.

Undoubtedly it is Boi Angel’s (@boi.angel) phenomenal music, which acts as a breath of fresh air in the alternative R&B/Rap/Pop scene, which has helped him become one of the most dynamic music artists today.



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