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CoachSamuelG Takes On Music Artists

CoachSamuelG Takes On Music Artists

What is a social media career development manager? That seems to be the question more and more artists are asking going into 2020. With a blurred line being in place for how music artists grow their notoriety let alone grow their followers, Social media manager CoachSamuelG has been all too well known for explaining how marketing agencies and promotional industries are making it happen.

“Google News, sign up for tons of websites, network with other big artists/influencers, listen to your fan base and outsource. These are (some) of the steps most music artists should be taken when building a name, try to grab that regional notoriety.” Said Samuel Guzman is known as CoachSamuelG on Instagram.

It’s as if all the marketing secrets that help other celebrities on the come up are finally being utilized for other upcoming artists. The difference is you’re not paying thousands of dollars for services like this. Coach is known for having very competitive prices and sometimes offers career development services in return for sponsoring his company “Close Connects LLC” to people just to show how easy it really is.

When we did a Google search of CoachSamuelG we were not let down, retuned was news articles, other music artists talking about him, big-name connections and even reviews. As a publisher, after research was done it’s safe to say the coach is going to be here a long time and has made a HUGE impact in 2019 with an expected jump into 2020.

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