ControlZ Unveils Updated IPhone 12 Featuring 5G Technology

ControlZ Unveils Updated IPhone 12 Featuring 5G Technology

The updated iPhone 12 is now part of ControlZ’s product lineup and can be bought on its website. ControlZ is a major player in the pre-owned smartphone market. With this launch, they are introducing 5G technology into their inventory and broadening their selection of iPhones. The company is committed to offering cutting-edge products to consumers looking for affordable, contemporary smartphones.

The iPhone 12, which ControlZ has now reintroduced to the market, is priced starting at Rs. 29,699 and has two storage options: 64GB and 128GB. For payments made with Mobikwik, there is a 10% cashback offer included in this price. Every gadget purchased through this program is 100% battery-health guaranteed and comes with an 18-month warranty. A variety of colors, such as white, blue, red, and green, are available for selection to customers. The gadgets have a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina IPS display and a sleek design, with the goal of offering an immersive and rich visual experience. They run the most recent version of iOS.

ControlZ provides upscale add-ons like power cables and adapters, all neatly packaged in an eye-catching box, in addition to their phones. This action by ControlZ is in line with the company’s objective of providing the newest technology at competitive costs by making high-quality smartphones more accessible to a wider audience.

The founder and CEO of ControlZ, Mr. Yug Bhatia, expressed excitement about the launch and emphasized that the device’s functionality, design, and 5G capability will provide users an unparalleled experience. He reiterated the company’s dedication to providing cutting-edge and reasonably priced smartphone solutions.

The updated iPhone 12 appeals to both new and devoted Apple fans by combining innovation, performance, and style. The gadget is a valuable addition to ControlZ’s inventory and appeals to tech-savvy people due to its popularity and demand. The experts at ControlZ have painstakingly restored every gadget to guarantee that it is flawless and performs just like a brand-new item. ControlZ offers consumers the opportunity to purchase a high-performance smartphone at a competitive price by placing an emphasis on quality and performance testing for every device.

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