Coronavirus Affecting Cell Phones Trends

Coronavirus Affecting Cell Phones Trends

A new category of phone cases are starting to trend as a result of the Coronavirus.  This category is phone cases that protect the health of the user as well as the mobile phone.  In other words, anti-radiation phone cases.

The volume of mobile phones sold were 1.5 billion units in 2019. And the most popular accessory remains phone cases.  The most popular phone cases tend to be slim, lightweight, and durable with Protective Cases & Covers Remain the Bestselling Category with Otterbox and simpler suppliers leading the pack.

However, with a healthy immune system on everyone’s minds, a new category phone case is emerging.  The category is cell phone RADIATION BLOCKING phone cases. Manufactures have printed radiation warnings in their user manuals for years. Now a healthy immune system is on most people’s mind.  And as a result, small companies like Cruz Cases (, offering phone cases that block the powerful cell phone radio signal directed into the body, and specially the brain, is catching importance. 

Of course, not all Health Lifestyle Phone Case suppliers are the same. Many suppliers we reviewed, designed their phone case to block the radio signals coming out of the back of the phone.  Which we found to have no value at all. However, we found the patent pending Cruz Cases blocking EMF coming out of the front of the phone towards the brain. A very practical application of their Reflectrix Core EMF shielding material.

As a result, Cruz Cases are catching consumer’s attention.  Cruz phone cases claim to block 99% of the radiation transmitted out of the front of the phone. While throw against the wall phone case protection will still be of high interest, don’t be surprised by the upsurge in anti-radiation phone cases.  Just be sure to select the proper product. For more information, go to

For more information drop resistance phone cases go to

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