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COVID 19 Impacts On Athletes – How Chang Hun Chung Is Coping

COVID 19 Impacts On Athletes – How Chang Hun Chung Is Coping

The year 2020 has been quite distressing for almost everyone. However, the ones that are the most affected by it are the athletes, especially bodybuilders. It’s tough to form and reach a potential bodybuilding stage; however, it’s even more difficult to maintain it. During the pandemic everything was put under lockdown and so were the gyms.

Chang Hun Chung, a South Korean bodybuilder, and an athlete is one of the prominent figures in the industry. He’s a men’s physique athlete of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB and has had his interest in bodybuilding since his younger days.

Most recently, Chang was able to win the German Championship for bodybuilding in 2019. However, with the pandemic prevailing, the competitions for this year were canceled, which makes it difficult for bodybuilders to see their year’s worth of effort laying without any use.

Born in 1990, Chang is originally from South Korea and is now residing in Germany. He takes part in fitness challenges and competitions, elevating his potential in bodybuilding. In an up close and personal interview with Chang, sources were able to know about Chang’s current and future prospects regarding his fitness career.

“It’s quite stressful knowing that you won’t be able to know what you’ve gained in a year. I was very much excited for this year, especially after my win, and wanted to maintain my streak for the upcoming years. But I’m not giving up, and I’m still continuing my workout routine even at home. There are several ways and routines that one can adopt that can keep you in shape. It’s the weights that I’m worried about though. I’ve got my personal gym set up at home but still the motivation and enthusiasm you get while working out in a gym is something else. I’m just hoping that this pandemic gets over soon so that competitions are once again scheduled. It’s quite tough for athletes to maintain their physique. You start getting lazy and in a number of days, your form is gone. That’s what I’m making sure with my routine, keeping myself fit in every possible manner,” Chang stated.

With the pandemic still going on, many athletes are going through the same situation as Chang. Staying at home can make a person lazy; however, going outside is life threatening with now many players from different sports contracting the virus. Recently Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo both contracted the virus. Considering this, fitness enthusiasts are the most affected by lockdowns due to their close interaction with people in the gyms.

Overall, Chang is still motivated and is maintaining his physique in these drastic times. His goal is to keep himself fit for the domain he participates in and to win upcoming fitness competitions, creating his streak. In addition, Chang also wants to inspire others to become a fitness enthusiast as himself and to focus on remaining fit while boosting towards progress in the domain. This is the reason why his Instagram page has over 20K followers, which shows that he’s inspiring many.

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