D3OUGHBOY An American Musical Artist/American Actor

D3OUGHBOY An American Musical Artist/American Actor

Meet D3OUGHBOY Born (Corey Bolls) June,19,1992 Is an american musical artist/american actor with extra roles in “SPARKLE 2012” and “MY INVISIBLE SISTER 2015” in an interview with him he was asked why aren’t you noticed yet these where his words “Me being black and coming from where im from you don’t expect allot of praise this race doesn’t support black people making it you just got to get out here and get to it don’t cry about it be about it you know coming from the projects of hamtramck we all supported eachother in what ever we do you got some that hate and some that support it’s like that in the hood” and it can’t get any realer than that he is also working on his youtube tv series “GET A JOB” Expected to air 2024 of September.

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