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Daily Horoscopes, a Waste of Your Time

Daily Horoscopes, a Waste of Your Time

Data shows that daily horoscopes are checked by approximately one third of the population. Provided that this statistic is true, it would mean that more than two billion people view such horoscope reports. Due to the apparent high demand on daily or weekly horoscopes, the astro-marketplace is seemingly bubbling with them. To add to the hustle and bustle, the astrology niche is growing, even attracting interest from  Venture Capital (NY Times). Yet, how reliable or valuable are such horoscope reports?

The astrologer of, Dirk Heinicke, expresses that a true astrological approach should be tailored to the individual, not the public. If you hope to get anything valuable out of a daily horoscope, he suggests you consider the following: there are 7.8 billion people on this planet and 12 star signs, meaning there are approximately 650 million people per star sign. He adds that each day there are over 500,000 possible constellations for one place alone. While daily horoscopes rely solely on one’s star sign, more identifying information is required for a reliable, in-depth analysis. A person’s individual chart (birth time, date, and place) is what will ultimately provide more conclusive and credible insights. It is apparent that daily or weekly horoscope predictions only cater to the 12 star signs, failing to recognize individuality and uniqueness. 

In psychology the term self-fulfilling prophecy is commonly known. This phenomenon can also take place in astrology, as some daily horoscope subscribers may believe the report to be true. Once they experience a situation or emotion fitting to the publisher’s predictions, the person’s suspicions are asserted, thus reinforcing their belief. Essentially, the vaguer the prophecy, the more individuals it will apply to. Ideally, the words of these zodiac garnished listicles will resonate with as many of the 650 million people who share the same star sign. believes horoscopes should not be followed like a program, instead used as a tool to “empower you to understand who you are and how you are positioned in the world. It should help you to comprehend your personal strengths and accept your weaknesses. It should not be a program that cages your daily life and takes away y     our personal freedom to think, develop, and live.”

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