Decoding Vercetti Success As a Top Homegrown Jewellery brand

Decoding Vercetti Success As a Top Homegrown Jewellery brand

When Vedant Rai started his premium jewellery brand in February 2020, he hadn’t anticipated the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown that followed right after. Vedant Rai comes from a family of entrepreneurs and was a business student before establishing Vercetti. He had a single minded focus on making his first entrepreneurial venture a success, and stood up to the challenges of opening an e-commerce store and COVID-19.

At Vercetti, Rai’s primary focus is on design, quality and customer satisfaction and he says neither should they have to break their banks to get something they like. We always do our best to make premium jewellery accessible to all in our country.

Fashion is often elusive in our country, and today’s generation is restless to get their hands on world class designs and quality jewellery. Rai recognised this huge need in the market and set about making a collection that catered to the contemporary trends and didn’t compromise on quality. This commitment to affordability and quality has brought in thousands of orders for Vercetti, and has helped them expand their jewellery line.

Today, Vercetti offers its collection in a number of styles and caters to the aesthetics of all. They have started designing custom jewellery and plan on launching a line of silver jewellery.

Vercetti has tapped into the hearts of its customers. Word of mouth of satisfied customers is better than any brand campaign; through efficient customer service, speedy deliveries and one-of-a-kind designs, Vercetti has made their customers their biggest promoters and supporters.

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