Dental Services ProMax Clinic by ace dentist Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes enthral all with their visions and innovations.

Dental Services ProMax Clinic by ace dentist Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes enthral all with their visions and innovations.

She, along with her team at her clinic, has inspired innovation in the industry with their dental alignment system.

A lot has been spoken about how a few people have become a reason for change in their respective industries. It is essential to notice here that more and more women are coming to the forefront, becoming a source of change and greatness in their respective fields, which has what taken them and their brands and businesses to the next level of success. Our attention was caught the most by this young and determined dentist in the medical realm, who knew what she wanted to achieve with her innovations and astute work in the industry, and so she kept walking her path; she is Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes, the brain behind what we today know as Dental Services ProMax Clinic.

Dr. Evelyn Cifuentes is proud to be known as the creator and Founder of Dental Services ProMax Clinic, which so far has thrived in the industry by coming up with unconventional yet safe and result-driven dental treatments, which has gained them an increasing number of clients over the years. As a young dentist, she saw the evolving needs in orthodontics, which motivated her to alter the dentistry scene for the better by re-innovating her clinic to make dental clear aligners for resolving mild to moderate cases in only a few months like traditional metal braces. Speaking on the same, she says, “Clear aligners basically are nothing but transparent trays made of a specific material used for straightening the teeth the way braces have done thus far, but these are more gentle and are designed to move the teeth in the desired direction much slowly.”

Her clinic Dental Services ProMax Clinic, introduced the Aligner system, which is crystallized, invisible and comfortable, making future treatments of better quality. They are about to launch the Aligner experience, dental alignment without braces. She is proud that, along with her team at her clinic, she created her own dental alignment system, which has helped her clinic earn massive recognition already.

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