Discover Dmitry Klimovitskiy’s Marketing Ideas That Generated 1.5M Views and Over 170k Likes on TikTok For An ECommerce Brand in 48 Hours

Discover Dmitry Klimovitskiy’s Marketing Ideas That Generated 1.5M Views and Over 170k Likes on TikTok For An ECommerce Brand in 48 Hours

In the ever-changing world of social media, businesses now realize the importance of influencer marketing. Right now, social media Influencers can provide a lot of value to eCommerce brands, app startups, online services, and other businesses because of their large social media followings.

The most important thing is to find the right Influencer for the right price for the right product. Dmitry Klimovitskiy and Deon Media have managed to stay ahead of the curve for influencer marketing. Their latest marketing campaign for TikTok influencers has resulted in millions of views and likes in just 48 hours. This article will show you how they did it and how your business can benefit from their best marketing strategies.

In-depth Market Research and Consultation

Dmitry Klimovitskiy and Deon Media’s team of marketing experts usually do an in-depth analysis of your target market. This helps determine the best social media platform to reach the target audience and the best Influencers for the product or service.

“When an eCommerce brand contacted us to develop and manage a TikTok Influencer Campaign on their behalf, we got down to the research just two days after the consultation. Our client had already worked with Instagram Influencers and had everything ready, so we adjusted the client’s strategy to the TikTok reality and took over everything related to the TikTok Influencer marketing for them. Starting from advanced research, setting up a CRM system, up to finalizing the contracts with Influencers.” Dmitry Klimovitskiy shared.

In-depth market research is critical to influencer marketing because it allows you to understand the target market, their needs, wants, and pain points. With this information, they can develop an Influencer marketing strategy that resonates with the target audience. 

Develop Budget-Friendly Methods

After the market research is complete, Dmitry Klimovitskiy and his team develop budget-friendly methods to reach the target audience. This includes adopting realistic and effective strategies that work within the client’s budget.

“We understand that not all businesses have the same marketing budgets. Therefore, we offer our clients various options to choose from depending on their budget. We also help them to understand what results they can expect for their investment.” Dmitry Klimovitskiy said.

He further shared,

“One of the most recent wins for our client came from just 1 Video. An Influencer’s video generated over 1.7 million views and 170 thousand likes within two days only. The cost of the product was $50 and the cost per view was $0.00003. The TikTok Influencer was genuinely interested in the product and came up with an amazing creation that both the client and our team  loved. We all saw a huge potential in this collaboration. After the sponsored video got posted, the results overcame even very positive expectations in less than 12 hours.” 

This shows that when it comes to influencer marketing, Dmitry Klimovitskiy and the Deon Media team emphasize quality marketing strategies over quantity. It is evident in their ability to generate millions of views and likes in such a short amount of time. 

Execute Campaigns with Precision

After the budget and strategies have been determined, Dmitry Klimovitskiy and his team execute the Influencer marketing campaign with precision. This means they follow through on their promises and deliver results that meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

“We make sure to deliver on our promise of quality traffic and conversions. Deon Media is all about creating relationships that result in a Win-Win collaboration for both businesses and Influencers. We love working with TikTok Influencers and this year, we have done over fifty different collaborations with TikTok creators ranging from hundred thousand up to thirty million followers,” Deon Media’s CEO says.

Entrepreneurs can connect with Drimity Klimovitskiy through his social media links and visit Deon Media’s website for more information.

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