Dr. Armand Amselem sheds light on 5 insightful developments in dentistry today

Dr. Armand Amselem sheds light on 5 insightful developments in dentistry today

Dentistry is a continuously evolving field. In every medical branch, the best providers are the ones who stay on top of trends and shifts in their field, providing the best care to their patients. As technology advances faster than ever, the dental industry is being impacted in unique and notable ways, changing the face of dental care in the future. A seasoned professional and owner of two clinics, Dr. Armand Amselem, shares the industry’s top five significant trends.

1. Customer Service

Dr. Amselem states, “Look at your office culture. Will it make your patients feel comfortable? Will it ease their fears?” Customer service continues to evolve in the dental industry as people are demanding and deserve a higher level of care that extends beyond the dental chair. Follow up with patients, ask them about their concerns, and you’ve already monumentally increased the value of your practice.

2. Automating your Office Practices

With so much technology at our disposal, automation software should be an integral part of your office management plan. “Automation, when done right, gives your staff the bandwidth to focus more on your patients,” says Dr. Amselem. “Paperwork, scheduling, feedback, data collection can all be automated while your staff can stay involved on the human side of your business and provide top-notch care.”

3. Holistic and Natural Care

While traditional care is indispensable, people are turning towards holistic and natural methods for maintenance and prevention. “Holistic and natural care is gaining popularity as people are prioritizing their health and wellness in day-to-day routines,” explains Dr. Amselem. “A renewed focus on holistic medicine allows providers to empower their patients to live better lives.”

4. 3D Printing

3D printing is the revolutionary game-changer that is rapidly making its way into dental practices. “3D scanners give dentists a higher level of precision and accuracy to work with while making fittings that are incrementally more comfortable for their patients,” states Dr. Amselem. “This results in unprecedented patient satisfaction.”

5. Social Media

Your patients are online, and they want you to meet them where they are. “We sometimes overlook social media, but in leveraging it, we can communicate with our patients, educate, and engage with them,” explains Dr. Amselem. “Visibility on social media is the first step to a great provider-patient relationship.”

Your dental practice doesn’t have to stay put in the old ways. By looking at these trends and implementing them in the ways that work for your business, you can build a practice ready to serve the future of dentistry.

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