Dr. Simon Ourian’s Masterpiece Valued At $3.5 Million

Dr. Simon Ourian’s Masterpiece Valued At $3.5 Million

Dr. Simon Ourian is undoubtedly making waves in contemporary art thanks to his innate creativity and eye for beauty. The cosmetic dermatology expert is arguably an unlikely candidate for becoming a trendsetter, a high-ticket name in figure sculpting. It is no surprise that his rise to prominence in the art world has left many artists raising eyebrows.

The $3.5 Million Sculpture in the Making

The celebrity doctor, seen on various TV shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Doctors, leverages his experience and knowledge of science and medicine to refine his artistic abilities. With decades of experience in cosmetic dermatology, it is surprising yet unquestionable how Dr. Ourian has quickly evolved into an artist, venturing in contemporary art.

The physician excels in the enhancement of beauty and physique; he practices exclusively at his clinic, Epione in Beverly Hills. Many of his patients grace the streets of Hollywood with iconic physiques and faces, while some rule other countries in their best possible appearances—yes, Dr. Ourian also has a long list of royalties who he treats.

As a visual artist, Dr. Simon Ourian demonstrates the universal language of beauty that captures the eye in various forms. Ourian’s success as an artist led to the commissioning of his sculptures, the highest valued to date is at 3.5 Million US Dollars.

As a doctor, Dr. Ourian uses syringes to beautify people; as an artist, his weapons of choice are brushes and chisels, among others. The physician is revolutionizing aesthetic medicine and the art world in equal measures.

From voluminous curves to chiseled noses, Dr. Ourian’s work stands out. He employs non-surgical techniques to produce measured facial contours and flawless skin textures. Now, as an artist, the physician boasts skills in sculpting the anatomy using contemporary techniques. From sketches on paper to carvings of stunning faces and physiques, Dr. Ourian delivers exquisite masterpieces. At Epione Beverly Hills, the cosmetic doctor magically turns patients into walking epitomes of perfection. Visit for more information.

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