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Eddie Zajdel’s, Inpersonified, Being Streamed on Prime Video With 5-Star Reviews

Eddie Zajdel’s, Inpersonified, Being Streamed on Prime Video With 5-Star Reviews

The new hit horror film, Inpersonified, directed and produced by filmmaker Eddie Zajdel, is now being streamed across the world on Prime Video with 5-star reviews. With a running time just shy of 12 minutes, fans are calling this short film one of the most suspenseful ever created.

“After summoning a powerful demonic entity, a cult of Satanists engulf on a murderous rampage,” proclaims Inpersonified’s movie plot on IMDb. But after watching the short film, there proves to be much more than that.

If you are looking for a film that keeps your attention and makes your mind spin, you will love Zajdel’s Inpersonified. It is a film about the start of a new cult of Satanists, who are acting out a deal they made with a demonic entity through a Ouija board. However, when looking more in-depth at the film, viewers find it represents more than a demonic horror story, but also the loss of morality around the world.

“The Ouija board is just another way to manifest ideas hidden deep down in the brain,” remarked Zajdel. “These monsters didn’t necessarily make contact with a demon, but rather found their demons in their head and realized they could become quite famous from pursuing their evil dreams.”

Zajdel remains skeptical about paranormal activity, but he believes everything in the world is a result of thoughts and how we act on them.

“We live in a world where religion and morals are going by the wayside,” he added. “This is not good. We need to turn our heads away from evil. We can’t sell our souls to the devil because it’s easier.”

“Obviously, the actions that took place in the movie were pure fiction,” Zajdel continued. “I would like to believe the world hasn’t come to cults of Satanists killing and burning random people, but the drive these Satanists had to create evil and acquire great fame is far from fictional. There are people like this in the world now, whether they are school shooters or mass murderers, choosing to take a similarly horrific path.” We still have time to change the world for the good.

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