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Rome is an AMAZING city, a “city museum”, probably the most visited in the world, and because of that Rome is highy crowded, expecially for the “must see” places… There is nothing new regarding Rome which have not been written yet, but we would like to offer you a different perspective, as we know that there is a lot more to do/experience, than simply walking around the ordinary list of places in the middle of the day…

We are not telling you to not visit the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and everything else each tourist want to see in Rome. BUT… Lets consider a few different option to make real memories!


Did you ever think about a “night tour of Rome” with a private taxi, which will drive you through the amazing highlights of the Eternal City at the sunset, when the mass of toursits start coming back to the hotels, and the colours of the ancient ruins become suggestive as never during the day?
What is beautiful is that the private tour is totally customizable, as you have to book it with a private company, arranging directly with them the tour you want to develope!


Stay away from tourist restaurants! Italian (and roman…) food is amazing, but do not assume that it will be everywhere you stop! The most part of the restaurants in the center area, around the most important places, just try to make the most possible money from toursits serving tourist menus at high price with a poor service!

A great way to add more value to your Rome stay, is to experience the real sense of Rome like a local…

Walking through the popular areas of Rome, like Testaccio, Trastevere, Prati, and other center located corners, you can eat the real and typical poor cousine of Rome, like pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice) to supplì, fried stuffed rice ball, typical roman pecorino cheese and much more… And you cannot miss some incredibly tasty pasta dishes, like Carbonara, Cacio e Pepe, or Amatriciana…

A good tip for you would be to enjoy one of the many “Food Tours” services available in Rome, which are offered by ecperienced locals that will drive you to discover the fantastic roman cousine, in the best places of Rome, and also your guide will explain a lot of details about the story of each food, the ingredients, the quality controls… You will learn a lot, and eating this special food by listening the special stotries behind them will make them even more tasty for you!


There is nothing mopre suggestive than the maze of ancient streets and alleys in the center of Rome, which are closed to the traffic, and can be run by feet and bikes only…

There are many city points where you can rent a bike, and then start experiencing Rome in a unique way! Move easily between the main sights of Rome with your bike, connecting Piazza Navona with Piazza Venezia, then Fori Romania dnd Colosseum, then Fontana di Trevi spanish Steps and more!

This is an incredibly funny way to discover “hidden gems” of Rome, moving fast and easy through the city center!


One last tip to enjoy Rome stress free is to arrange you transfers ebefore you arrive in Rome… Waiting for a taxi at the airport can be a nightmare, and the same could be moving with the always crowded public transports… A great tip would be to book a private private taxi car rental with driver directly online, before you leave… This will make a great difference in the way you will experience your holiday in Rome!

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