Farhan Munshi: The young man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the e-commerce space.

Farhan Munshi: The young man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the e-commerce space.

The 23-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur has garnered a lot of recognition and name for making millions of dollars of revenue at such a young age.

It is always surreal to know about people who believe in making something of their own, something which they can proudly call theirs and develop the same to soaring heights of success. Businesses today across industries are not only run by established names but by many youngsters who bring in their newness, their revolutionary ideas and concepts and even their learnings from the failures in their life. Topping this list of young entrepreneurs in the e-commerce world is of Farhan Munshi. This young gentleman is all of 23 years and still can make others run for their money in the entrepreneurial space with his unflinching vision and passion for making his e-commerce business a hit across the industry.

Today, Farhan Munshi stands tall as a sought-after e-commerce entrepreneur who earns eight-figures in revenue annually and works with a global team across four countries. This under 25 businessman made all of this possible by not only understanding the significance of the social media growth but also by leveraging these online mediums to his advantage by making all the trendy items go viral. This astounded even his parents, who wanted him to become a doctor and settle down in life. In fact, by the age of 19, Farhan Munshi already owned his first home. For four years of grinding in the industry and making every possible effort, he amassed more than $30 million in revenue and today is considered as the young e-commerce guru in the industry.

Farhan Munshi had begun working very early in life and sold iPhones and Xboxes on the schoolyard. After school, he would spend time on the internet and YouTube; explore forums, learning about making money online. Learning each day, broadened his perspectives and developed his business acumen. For making profits, he would build websites, invest in domain names and then resell them. Through YouTube tutorials and experimenting, he learned the art of ad buying and understood creating Facebook Ads.

Before Instagram even became a thing, Farhan Munshi had already joined hands with many Instagram influencers. This allowed him to garner a growing number of followers on the platform which he later leveraged and turned into conversions and sales of his branded hoodies and other apparel collection on his dropshipping store and earned revenue of $2 million. With his consistent efforts, he was able to make gross monthly sales between $50,000 to $300,000 in only four months.

Farhan Munshi’s innate skills to make a product go viral online helped him make many conversions, ultimately resulting in great sales and revenue. To further grow his business and become a pro at it, he even took real-time crash courses in data analysis, people management and financing as he saw his business and team growing from three people to almost two dozen.

The 23-year-old entrepreneur today runs a highly profitable e-commerce business that has made $30 million in revenue. Thanks to this youngster’s unwavering vision and the commitment he has shown to make it huge in the entrepreneurial world, all by himself. Do follow him on Instagram @farhanmunsh to know more.

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