‘Find Your POWER’: How Lady Charlotte Armstrong’s LIP© Ladies in Power Helps Female Professionals

‘Find Your POWER’: How Lady Charlotte Armstrong’s LIP© Ladies in Power Helps Female Professionals

Who is Lady Charlotte Armstrong?

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is a mother of 5, a wife and an active businesswoman. She juggles family and business every day. In fact, with her multiple entrepreneurial ventures, she has already built an empire from the comfort of her home.

She now intends to create more ‘mompreneurs’ like her. Lady Charlotte wants to share inspiring motivations, tips, skills and advice that helped her go from homeless to ‘multipreneur’ in the span of a few years. 

When the pandemic came with its lockdowns, her business ‘Too Glam’ slowed down. She realized how such steps harm the ventures of female entrepreneurs. However, Lady Charlotte believes that every difficult situation brings with it certain opportunities.

Enter LIP© Ladies in Power

LIP© Ladies in Power is one such opportunity. LIP© is a community cum business consultation platform where women can feel a sense of community with other female professionals and entrepreneurs, learn better accountability and feel motivated about their future endeavours.

LIP© Ladies in Power has arranged a group of successful leaders who have made their mark in their industry. Customers can access this group of lady leaders from all around the world. The leaders offer you motivational, entrepreneurial and life skills content that you can access from wherever you are. Yes, you too can build an empire from the comfort of your home.

This will free women up to enjoy life at home, spend more time with the kids and travel around the world freely. At LIP© Ladies in Power, they can learn the technical know-how of running a successful business, working from home efficiently and much more.

LIP© Ladies In Power – Services Offered

LIP© offers an extensive range of services that can help any aspiring ‘mompreneur’ or female entrepreneur in town. Diary Management, 2 monthly Zoom Calls with Celebrity VIP speakers, Live Events, a supportive community of like-minded people.

Their most recent addition is the ‘Power Pack’. In it, you will find access to Ladies in Power’s exclusive LIP© Members Lounge, Daily affirmations, and a network of prominent industry-tested professionals. Women, after all, become more powerful when they organize and empower each other.

The Mind Matters

Lady Charlotte Armstrong is a highly spiritual person. She is a believer in LOA or the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction implies that if you maintain a positive attitude towards your goal, your best ideas will manifest as reality. She encourages everyone to have a positive mindset. To maintain her own positive mindset, she surrounds herself with like-minded people. Similarly, at LIP©, clients can connect with a vast community of like-minded people.

Mental health is taken quite seriously at LIP© Ladies in Power. The risk-taking mindset is the first step to entrepreneurial success. Mental illnesses eat into our ability to feel good about ourselves. They prevent us from accepting our past and letting go of mental baggage. At LIP©, we help everyone rebuild their attitude, fortitude and self-belief.

Apart from paid services, followers can find free daily motivations on LIP©-Ladies in Power’s Home Page. We hope this article provided valuable information about mompreneur Lady Charlotte Armstrong.

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