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Foodpreneur Mo Abedin’s “Sticky Rice” makes a massive buzz in the ever-evolving UAE’s F&B industry

Foodpreneur Mo Abedin’s “Sticky Rice” makes a massive buzz in the ever-evolving UAE’s F&B industry

With its top Thai specialties, Sticky Rice has won food lovers’ hearts, satiating their hunger with top-notch Thai signature dishes.

The enormous growth a few industries worldwide have achieved can be attributed to a myriad of reasons. One of the reasons is the increased adoption of the latest tech advancements and developments across sectors, and another is the relentless drive, passion and commitment of business owners that lead these industries to crazy growth levels. However, a few experts opine that a combination of both has led most of them on a constant growth pedestal, especially in the last few years. Entrepreneur and restauranteur Mo Abedin from the UAE has a similar opinion. With Sticky Rice, he stayed close to their values as a team while offering the best quality Thai food and Thai dine-in experiences to food lovers.

This man is one of the astute brains behind Sticky Rice, along with his late mother, aka “Mama” Amena Rakkuson. The mother-son duo and food lovers always dreamt of bringing their love for food to the world by creating delectable Thai dishes. Hence, they first established Sticky Rice in Dubai in the Jumeirah Village Circle. However, due to Covid-19 complications, Mama passed away, and Mo Abedin along with his family continue carrying her legacy forward through her famous signature Thai dishes like Mango and Sticky Rice, Sticky Tamarind Wings, Seafood Tom Yum, Green Curry, as well as Coconut Soft Serve Ice Cream dishes. Hence, he decided to expand the brand to Abu Dhabi as well.

Sticky Rice is a unique Thai restaurant serving bona fide Thai dishes and is also recognized with the brand’s cute duck mascot “Kew.” The founder has been putting in every possible effort in creating a team that stays committed to their mission to serve diners the best authentic Thai dishes with a hint of their unique culinary styles and recipes that lingers afresh in the minds of the diners as a beautiful dining experience for the longest time.

It (@stickyriceae) is also located on the first floor of Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, which often sees a great footfall of food lovers and with the new outlet opened this year, Thai food cravers have been going wild, driving down to stand in queues only to have a taste of their best signature dishes.



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