Football supporters yell “We Want Beer” during the alcohol-free FIFA World Cup first game in Qatar

Football supporters yell “We Want Beer” during the alcohol-free FIFA World Cup first game in Qatar

Ecuador fans were heard reciting “Queremos cerveza” – and that signifies “We need lager” – during their country’s initial round of the World Cup against have country Qatar. The serenade was because of Qatar’s choice to boycott the offer of liquor in arenas during the FIFA competition.

A video becoming a web sensation via virtual entertainment showed Ecuadorian fans reciting in the stands, “Queremos cerveza, queremos cerveza!” or “We need lager!” as their group crushed Qatar, 2-0, on Sunday at the Al Bayt Arena.

“Ecuadorian fans reciting “Queremos Cerveza!” signifying “We need lager!” during the initial world cup match in Qatar. Qatar U-turned 2 days before the beginning of the competition in prohibiting the offer of liquor in ordinary seating segments of arenas,” read the subtitle of a Reddit post.

On Friday, only two days before the beginning of the competition, the Qatari illustrious family settled on the choice to boycott liquor inside the arenas. Football’s reality overseeing body FIFA declared brew wouldn’t be offered to fans around any of the eight World Cup arenas following conversations with the hosts.

According to reports, fans can purchase liquor in fan zones, and people are restricted to only four beverages each. Liquor is likewise accessible in neighborliness boxes at the arena.

FIFA said that lager deals would be centered around fan zone and authorized scenes, “eliminating deals points of brew from Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 arena edges”. It gave not a great explanation for the unexpected choice however media reports said there had been an intercession by Qatar’s decision family.

Following the declaration of the choice, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said Saturday that World Cup fans can get by for three hours per day without brew after deals were restricted around arenas. “I think by and by if for three hours every day you can’t drink a lager, you will make due,” he told his initial public interview in Doha. “A similar applies in France, Spain, Scotland,” Mr Infantino added.

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