For The New Hyundai Kona, Continental Provides A V-Shape Display.

For The New Hyundai Kona, Continental Provides A V-Shape Display.

Car major Mainland has conveys Angular presentations to prepare vehicle maker Hyundai’s electric vehicle Kona. The innovation organization’s cutting edge show arrangement will currently be essential for the new Hyundai Kona series, which is available starting around 2023.

The presentation offers a two-in-one arrangement as it joins the two screens of the instrument bunch and focus data show under one glass surface. Also, the new Hyundai Kona highlights over-the-air (OTA) programming refreshes for new capabilities, plan and connection prospects in the vehicle, which can be overseen through the Angular shape show.

“Driven by innovation and the developing significance of client experience in a vehicle acquisition’s choice, enormous, consistent presentation arrangements are turning into a brand identifier. Providing our Angular presentation for the new Hyundai Kona series, we put an emphasis on drivers and improve their client experience fundamentally with the Angular plan,” says Boris Mergell, Head of Client Experience (UX) at Mainland Car.

“With the up and coming age of enormous showcase arrangements, we exhibit how we continually continue to push to understand a novel client experience for our clients. The showcase was created and carried out in under a year. The execution in record time was made conceivable through a nearby and solid participation among Mainland and Hyundai.”

Mainland’s Angular shape show comprises of two level high-goal show boards with a backdrop illumination and is covered with a bended (‘Angular’) glass, which makes a consistent look by optical holding. This accompanies a few benefits for the driver, like a more agreeable perspective on the visual substance from the driver’s seat. While the presentation stretches out from the driver’s region to the mid control area, the sweep and point of the showcase arrangement center around the driver’s viewpoint, setting the person in question at the focal point of the data yield. On account of this ergonomic course of action, all controls showed on the screen can be gotten to helpfully and naturally by the client.

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