Ford claims that it will continue to produce V8 Mustangs until the universe ends or Uncle Sam forbids them

Ford claims that it will continue to produce V8 Mustangs until the universe ends or Uncle Sam forbids them

Automakers are replacing their V8s with more compact, fuel-efficient engines with fewer cylinders across the board. It’s unfortunate for enthusiasts, but what can you do when it’s undeniable that humans are the cause of climate change? Even the upcoming Dodge Charger won’t have a V8, according to the same business who offered to sell you a Challenger Demon 170 with 1,000 horsepower. However, Motor1 claims that the V8 in the Mustang won’t be going away anytime soon.

During a press conference marking the start of the 2024 racing season, Ford CEO Jim Farley is said to have mentioned several times how crucial the V8 engine is to the Ford Mustang. It seems like he thinks a Mustang cannot exist without a V8 engine.(Unless, of course, it’s an electric crossover. Nevertheless, you can always get a fake exhaust from Borla if you actually own a Mustang Mach-E and want it to sound like it has a V8.)
What other vehicle competes in races across six continents every weekend? And the reason for that is our V8 engine,” Farley remarked.

Given Ford’s strong commitment to Mustang racing, the racing V8s should contribute to the on-road V8s’ extended lifespan compared to those of other manufacturers.

He went on, “This is old-school tech transfer.” “We’re developing them on the racetrack, and Ford will sell them.”
Farley concluded by saying the following, in if you needed further proof that Ford intends to continue selling V8 Mustangs until it is compelled to stop:

This is where Mustang will commemorate its 60th anniversary. Many rivals have departed. They have arrived and left.never carried out that.been there for Mustang at all times. 60 years, and it has evolved since then. EcoBoost is currently the Dark Horse and will keep making investments. And so be it if you’re the only person on the planet producing a V8 sports car that’s affordable for everyone.

Thus, it appears that the V8-powered Mustang will not be going away very soon.

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