From Defence to Telecommunications: Tethered Autonomous Vehicles are ideal solution to monitor public safety

From Defence to Telecommunications: Tethered Autonomous Vehicles are ideal solution to monitor public safety

Tethered Autonomous vehicle is a fully designed, developed and manufactured technology with capabilities of extended flight duration and securing communication. These autonomous vehicles are modelled as a powerful device for safety, security and networks. When employed across sensitive sectors, they quickly ramp up coverage, increase the efficiency of networks and provide the much-needed access in all the areas.

There are variations as well in tethered autonomous vehicles as they are specialized to utilize a high voltage and direct current to operate.Leading companies like Wynyard Group, AeRobot14 Xnoovation, Robotics Eye, ILIFE and more are offering tethering autonomous vehicles across Asia-centric regions. These state-of-the-art tethering vehicles provide persistent and high-speed data transfer, expanding the abilities of a wide range of systems and introducing new applications for unmanned missions and inspections.

Tethered autonomous vehicles station features a weatherproof and vibration-resistant design, engineered for high performance in the most demanding critical applications. The structure allows seamless integration into both vehicles and fixed structures.

These vehicles have immense scope across borders and the telecommunication sector. Borders are the vulnerable locations and Tethered autonomous vehicles are easy to employ there as they can detect vehicles from several miles away. With great capacity to carry load, these vehicles can stay on station for many hours, providing constant day-night monitoring.

In the telecommunication sector, these vehicles play a pivotal role as the powerful tools for telecommunications.They enable the development of temporary networks including: cellular, WiFi, high-frequency radio and 3G/4G signals.

These are an efficient and affordable option when compared to other permanent solutions. They can be set up and operated easily which leads to increased reactivity in establishing communication. This robust technology also allows high-speed and fully secured data transfer, enabling the easy creation of secure telecommunications. They can be deployed quickly and provide an effective solution for persistent aerial monitoring.

Tethered autonomous vehicles are substantial assets for agencies in different conditions as they provide real-time solutions. This facilitates quick decision-making processes and allows risk mitigation to take place. As this technology is space-saving and persistent,these autonomous vehicles can be deployed in advance as a prevention asset for any incident or handling emergency situations on demand.

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