GC Daily: Samsung’s Latest Ad Pokes Fun at Apple, A Sneak Peek at Xiaomi’s Flip Phone

GC Daily: Samsung’s Latest Ad Pokes Fun at Apple, A Sneak Peek at Xiaomi’s Flip Phone

An announcement made recently on the company’s Weibo account states that Xiaomi’s large language model (LLM), known as MiLM, has successfully completed the registration procedure for big models.

With this, Xiaomi says that MiLM is ready for integration into its products, including smartphones, smart home devices, and even Xiaomi automobiles. The announcement also hinted at the possibility of opening MiLM’s functionalities to a wider user base in the future.

Apple’s iPad advertisement created a great deal of debate. The commercial probably sought to highlight the combination of thinness and functionality as a stand-in for various tools, paints, books, musical instruments, and cameras.

In response, Samsung has now released a new ad that declares, “Creativity cannot be crushed.”

The Motorola Edge 50 Fusion is now available in India. Despite its appealing mid-range pricing, the new tablet boasts some amazing specs and features. After its first release in Europe last month, the Edge 50 Fusion is now accessible in India.

Arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE soon? discovered on a single UI test build

The Galaxy S24 FE model is allegedly something Samsung is working on. There have been hints in reports that this summer may see the smartphone launch. Furthermore, there has been a recent sighting that suggests its release may be imminent.

The secrets of Xiaomi’s first clamshell foldable phone are revealed in Mix Flip.

Though it hasn’t yet developed a flip phone, Xiaomi made its debut in the foldable smartphone market in March 2021 with the Mi Mix Fold. Xiaomi apparently started working on a flip device in January of last year. Based on its progress through important certification processes like China’s 3C, the Xiaomi Mix Flip appears to be getting closer to release.

Check out the revised launch date as Samsung postpones the Galaxy F55 5G’s arrival in India.

As of right now, Samsung has rescheduled its Galaxy F55 5G announcement event for the final week of May, instead of tomorrow, May 17.

According to a report, Apple is expected to begin producing iPhone 16 display panels in June.

A recent analysis by analyst Ross Young indicates that the manufacture of the iPhone 16 is anticipated to begin in June. This indicates a mid-September release date that is consistent with Apple’s customary production plan for its flagship smartphones.

Xiaomi, Lenovo, Vivo, and NIO join Baidu in promoting its Wenxin AI large model, which gains traction.

With its Wenxin Big Model, Chinese internet giant Baidu is making major advances in artificial intelligence (AI). Positive financial outcomes and a sharp increase in the company’s flagship AI product’s usage were reported in the latest financial report.

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