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Getting to know the business side of Henry Colin Wright’s passion for music and social media

Getting to know the business side of Henry Colin Wright’s passion for music and social media

British pop singer Henry Colin Wright first rose to fame last summer when he went viral on TikTok of all places. After about a month or so of Henry creating consistently on the app he went viral with two short videos that he uploaded on the same evening both getting well into the millions of views. We can only praise Henry as even though that day was around seven months ago he has kept uploading consistently ever since, In that time he has not gone a single day without uploading at least two videos. Due to this hard work and dedication he has amazed over twenty five million views and racked up over one hundred and seventy thousand followers!

Once Henry blew up on TikTok he then made the smart decision to start using his own songs background music. Because Henry was getting thousands of views on every single post that he was putting out, others starting using his songs as background music and they we’re getting a lot of views as well!, one account with a couple hundred followers had a video get over twenty thousand views using Henry’s song “Together we are stronger”.

Now for the reason why most of you probably clicked on this article, let’s talk about the business side of Henry’s career!

So the main way that Henry monetises his music and social media is by creating merchandise for his fans. He owns his own business which is a clothing brand called HCW Clothing which has its own website with over 40 different items available with his self designed HCW logo on it. He promotes this in videos on his TikTok and as he has hundreds of thousands of followers there we expect this is his main source of business. However he has also done some sponsored and promotional videos for other companies which would also bring some business his way.

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