Global Release of Xiaomi MIX FLIP Smartphone and 14T Series Confirmed: Details Are Provided Inside

Global Release of Xiaomi MIX FLIP Smartphone and 14T Series Confirmed: Details Are Provided Inside

Ever since 2024 started, tech giant Xiaomi has been thriving. Xiaomi began the year with the release of its well-liked Redmi Note 13 Series in January, then in February it unveiled the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, a high-end model. The company has launched the Xiaomi 14 Civi in India, confirming that it will introduce the Civi Series there as well. Xiaomi isn’t about to quit in the meanwhile, even internationally.

The massive tech company is getting ready to release the Xiaomi MIX FLIP and 14T Series smartphones worldwide. After months of these devices have now been verified as soon as possible by the IMEI database. Although MIX FLIP has been predicted since October of last year, the Xiaomi 14T Series has been in the headlines since January 2024. The launch is approaching since the devices now have market names and are not just identified by model numbers. Although the original release date of these was scheduled for September 2024, new information suggests a possible earlier launch date.

Xiaomi 14T Series & Xiaomi MIX FLIP: Specifications of Model Numbers

With the model number 2405CPX3DG, the Xiaomi MIX FLIP was identified and is expected to be foldable to satisfy the market’s increasing expectations.

The model number of the Xiaomi 14T Pro is 2407FPN8EG. With enhanced functionality, it is the highest version in the series.

Model number 2406APNFAG belongs to the regular Xiaomi 14T. Its target market is anticipated to be average customers who desire a high-end smartphone experience at a cost less than that of the Pro.

At least not under the names that will become official on the international market, these smartphones are not anticipated to make their way to India.

Xiaomi 14T Series: Details

The upgraded telephoto camera on the Xiaomi 14T Pro will be paired with a MediaTek Dimensity 9300 processor. Additionally, it will feature quick wireless charging.

The Xiaomi 14T is anticipated to share several features with the Pro model and run on a Dimensity chipset.

Specs for the Xiaomi MIX FLIP

A 50MP primary Light Hunter 800 sensor and a 60MP telephoto lens make up the dual camera configuration on the rear of the Xiaomi MIX FLIP. It will have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset inside.

When the launch date is set in stone, more information will be available.

The Xiaomi MIX FLIP and 14T Series are anticipated to arrive on sale in August, while the October 2024 launch of the Xiaomi 15 Series is scheduled for October.

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