Glyph music syncing functionality is “improved” by Nothing Phone (2) update

Glyph music syncing functionality is “improved” by Nothing Phone (2) update

The Nothing Phone (2) is gradually getting access to Nothing OS 2.5.1a. One of the two updates modifies how the Glyh lighting on the Nothing Phone (2) functions when it is synchronized with music.

The glowing panel on the back of the Nothing Phone, in both versions, is one of its main selling points. There are a few uses for the Glyph interface, and the most of them go beyond aesthetics. According to rumors, the Nothing Phone (2a) will include one or more LED strips to maintain the brand’s futuristic aesthetic.
For example, when you get a call or a notification, the LED paneling will light up. In addition, the Phone (2)’s back will light up in time with the music. This is a little more visually loud, but it also makes for a fun party trick.

Nothing has issued a new software version that purports to improve the Glyph sound sync feature. Nothing makes it clear how it has been improved. The Glyph interface now totally shuts out during music listening, according to some comments on the forum thread, although the LEDs would continue to light up even during a song’s quiet passages. As others have pointed out, when you switch on music visualization, you want the LEDs in the Glyph paneling to be brighter.

Additionally, Nothing OS 2.5.1a includes a remedy for freezing problems in specific situations. The App Locker was the source of this issue. This patch should provide some stability in that area for the Nothing Phone (2).

For the Phone (2), Nothing’s software upgrade is being sent in batches, so it’s unlikely that you’ll receive Nothing OS 2.5.1a concurrently with other customers. The update doesn’t provide anything significant, unlike other recent updates, other from fixing freezing issues and enhancing the Phone(2)’s ability to match lights with music.

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