Google Gemini App for Android and Gemini Toggle for IOS are Coming to India and other Countries

Google Gemini App for Android and Gemini Toggle for IOS are Coming to India and other Countries

Indian users of Android devices can now download Google’s Gemini app. iPhone users can enable and utilize the features of the chatbot driven by artificial intelligence (AI) by sliding a toggle located at the top of the Google app, even though there isn’t a separate app for iOS. The Android app was released on February 8 by the tech giant, but it was only available in the US at first. Over 150 countries and territories are currently being added to the app’s expansion.

The Gemini mobile app is currently available in English, Korean, and Japanese, and it is being expanded to more than 150 countries and territories, according to Google’s support page. Google’s support page contains a list of all the countries. Although there isn’t currently a specific app for iPhone users, they can still take advantage of Gemini’s AI powers by using the Google app, which now features a toggle button on the top-right that opens the chatbot. The availability of the Gemini toggle on the Google app on iOS 17.2.1 was verified by Gadgets 360.

To use the Gemini app, a smartphone needs to have 4GB of RAM minimum. Moreover, Android 12 or later iterations of Google’s operating system must be installed. Similarly, iPhone users running iOS 16 or later can access the Gemini toggle. The AI service will only work with smartphones that are configured to use English, Japanese, and Korean because it is only available in these three languages. Finally, users need to be logged into either a Workspace account where the administrator has enabled the feature or a personal Google Account. It is important to note that the worldwide rollout began on Thursday and is anticipated to last for a few more days in case you are still unable to access the app or the toggle.

The Gemini app’s limitations on picture uploading and creation have been loosened, according to a post made on X (previously known as Twitter) by Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product at Google, who is also in charge of Gemini. “We’ll continue to work through responsibly aligning on refusals with both images and text,” he continued. According to the Gemini head, more features and regional expansion are currently under development.

Gemini replaced Google Assistant as their default assistant on Android smartphones, some users expressed dissatisfaction because it was unclear what in-device functions the AI could handle. In a post published on Wednesday, Krawczyk stated, “We’re trying to make it more obvious exactly which Assistant features are under development and which are already available.”

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