Google Maps Update Enhances Android Auto’s 3D Building View with a Useful Tweak

Google Maps Update Enhances Android Auto’s 3D Building View with a Useful Tweak

Better synchronization between Android phones and Android Auto consoles is brought about by a beta update for Maps that Google is rolling out.

Version 125 of Google Maps, which is now in beta, has a modification to its “Show 3D Buildings” toggle that allows it to work with Android Auto, as observed by 9to5Google. It’s vital to remember that the setting must be toggled on (or off) before users connect to their cars in order for it to sync from phone to console.

The visual setting on Android Auto will now be enabled when you toggle on 3D buildings while using Maps for Android, according to the beta. This eliminates the need for users to turn it on in one location and then go into AA’s settings to achieve the same result.

If the 3D buildings were enabled during startup, testing shows that users can toggle it off on their Android phone without disrupting their vehicle’s console. Moreover, the rate at which the synchronization works between Android and Android Auto seems much more stable.

It remains to be seen how long Google will take to properly roll out this update to every user, given the minor tweak that was discovered in beta. Even with Android Auto displays, users still have the option to manually control the 3D building toggle.

In order to help users when visiting new cities, Google Maps introduced 3D buildings for Android Auto displays in February. Though it was limited to basic map exploration sessions, the visual aid was always available in Maps. Users can navigate cities that support the visual aid more easily because it is available by default during navigation.

Since its release, Google Maps can only be used in light mode. The practical models vanish when you switch to dark mode. It’s a bit strange that Google took it down after it became stable two months ago, as it wasn’t always this way.

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