Google Pixel smartphones now come with a diagnostic app and repair mode

Google Pixel smartphones now come with a diagnostic app and repair mode

Google is making repairs for Pixel smartphones much easier. In addition to expanding the toolkit, Pixel owners can now conduct system diagnostics directly on their device to find flaws and secure their data using repair mode.
Google has revealed a number of repair updates for Pixel smartphones, including the Pixel 8 Pro, in a blog post. The first update is the all-new Pixel Repair Mode, which will be made available as part of the December 2023 Pixel Feature Drop.

Like with Samsung Repair Mode, when you activate and deactivate Repair Mode with a password, personal data is secured. This implies that a Pixel smartphone can be sent in for repair without granting the technician access to private information, but without totally locking the device to enable potential functionality testing.
Users may quickly determine whether a variety of potential flaws have been fixed following a repair by using the new Pixel Diagnostic app, which is now only accessible in the USA. This software is also helpful for verifying repairs made by owners. Google is now providing a number of new repair manuals in an effort to help consumers with fixes.

Additionally, Shyft Global Services is now able to order appropriate tools, but the iFixit online store will still be the only place where original spare components can be purchased. But many of these replacement parts aren’t really any less expensive than having a professional repair done; for example, a Pixel 8 Pro display costs about $229.99, a triple camera costs $199.99, and a battery costs $42.99. The Pixel Fold’s foldable display is even more expensive at $899.99.

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