Google Smartphone With A 4,942mAh Battery Appears To Be Certified By UL Demko

Google Smartphone With A 4,942mAh Battery Appears To Be Certified By UL Demko

The UL Demko certification website now features a new Google smartphone. With a 4,942mAh battery, the device is registered under the model number GH2MB. Recent reports about upcoming Google devices have surfaced, including the Google Pixel Tablet 2, Google Pixel 9, renders of the Pixel 9 Pro, and potentially a Google Pixel smartphone powered by the Google Tensor 4.

Google certification for GH2MB UL Demko

An upcoming Google smartphone bearing the model number GH2MB has reportedly been spotted on the UL Demko certification website, according to a report published by GizmoChina.

The device has a 4,942mAh battery according to the listing; this battery will probably be marketed as a 5,000mAh battery.

Although there are no clues in the listing about the device’s identity, the battery capacity raises the possibility that it is the Pixel 9 Pro.

Another likely competitor is the Pixel Fold 2, since a foldable smartphone would benefit greatly from a larger battery.

There may be a Google Pixel Tablet 2 in development.

A recent leak suggests that the Pixel Tablet 2 is most likely under development. In the initial beta of Android 14 QPR3 for Pixel phones, there are allusions to the Pixel Tablet 2. The original Pixel Tablets were known as “Tangor” and “Tangorpro” when they were still in the development stages, but the code now contains two new entries with the names “Clementine” and “Kiyomi.” These are just rumors for the time being, as the company hasn’t disclosed any information regarding the Pixel Tablet 2’s development.

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