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Helping The World Through Cryptocurrencies – Varun Datta

Helping The World Through Cryptocurrencies – Varun Datta

Any self-respecting technology lover will have, at some point, have heard of cryptocurrencies as well as their overall properties and values. Although such digital forms of money tend to be rather unstable in their regular monetary values, they are still being watched and loved by big investors everywhere. What everyone seems to forget, however, is that such things can be used for the betterment of the world – all that needs to be done is a call to action for something like that to actually happen.

Strategic Investments – Putting Money Where The Mouth Is

Many people like saying that they’d do anything for things that would help society as a whole, especially when it comes to performing humanitarian acts, and yet those same people actually hesitate to lend money to the causes which they presumably believe in.

And now, cryptocurrency has been found to be capable of doing that for those who support humanitarian causes but simply lack the time, motivation, or resources to actually add to the funds of those who aim to help the world as a whole.

Bitcoin, being one of, if not the most powerful cryptocurrency around has been proven to have positively massive effects when it comes to doing something as expensive as providing electricity to 30 houses for 24 hours straight! And, while this idea and conclusion will both require more research to be invested into them, it is certainly a step in the right direction, and cryptocurrency expert Varun Datta wholly agrees with this fact.

Cryptocurrency Expertise – Humanitarian Aid

Actually, Varun Datta is one of the few wise cryptocurrency experts who say that, in less than half a century, the cryptocurrency industry will also play its part in aiding humanitarian causes, as they should be doing. Something as powerful as the Bitcoin or similar digital coins helping make the world a better place rather than just being used for the greed of individuals and corporations alike is damn near unheard of, mainly due to the fact that if something benefits someone in power but doesn’t exactly also benefit the world as a whole, the potential for humanitarian aid will, in most cases, be disregarded.

This is partly why most people only focus on the actual monetary value of cryptocurrencies – the economics of the world have managed to twist their potential in such a way that their only publically visible face would be the one that represents pure money rather than the potential for aiding the parts of the world that DO need it.

Cryptocurrency Potential – The World

Nobody who is able to see the state in which the world currently is in will say that everything is as it should be – especially with the ongoing pandemic. This is why people like Varun Datta are now advocating for helping the world through one of the most powerful money representatives we, as a people, have within our reach – the Bitcoin along with similar cryptocurrencies all have the potential to actually do something for the world, instead of being used as mere digital gold ingots.

And, at the end of the day, if Varun Datta and his fellow humanitarian aid advocates manage to move the status of cryptocurrencies from mere resources to actual forces with a potential to offer great aid to many humanitarian causes, then that’s all that matters.

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