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Hiking in Golan Heights

Hiking in Golan Heights

If you are considering going for a hike in the Golan Heights during your stay at one of the Golan Heights hotels, we highly recommend this adventure for you!

In case you did not know it, the hike begins at Mount Hermon, Israel’s tallest mountain covering a total of 125km of trails heading down through the hills to the Sea of Galilee.

The complete hike of the Golan Trail would a few weeks. The Golan Trail is undoubtedly one of Israel’s most beautiful hiking trails.

The trail heads south and towards the Sea of Galilee passing through pretty kibbutzim, villages belonging to the Druze community, and a few of Israel’s most beautiful nature reserves and parks including Gamla, before reaching the Sea of Galilee. The trail contains stunning panoramas looking over Israel and Syria and is filled with captivating nature and wildlife.

The Golan Trail can take a whole week to be hiked. However, if you found yourself limited by the number of days dedicated to your trip, you might target only some specific regions in the Golan Heights, rather than the full trail. Thus, you will be making the best of your vacation without missing out on this fun activity.

The Golan Heights hiking may be a well-marked trail (white, blue and green mark the trail), yet, because much of the Golan may be a militarized zone and there are still minefields in some areas, taking a map with you is crucial.

The Gamla Nature Reserve and Nimrod Fortress Park are among the best Golan Heights hiking zones.

Besides hiking, these areas are also known to be among the richest in history, The traditional Jewish settlement of Gamla, built on a strategic hilltop shaped sort of a camel’s hump (camel is Gamal in Hebrew) was besieged by Rome during the primary century CE, and has become a symbol of heroism for contemporary Israelis. Remains of one of the oldest synagogues are found in the reserve, which also features a large population of Griffon vultures.

The hiking is graded of moderate difficulty if hiked from north to south (from Hermon to the Sea of Galilee), as hiking in the other way will entail a completely uphill climb.

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