Home Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your House Looking Good

Home Maintenance Checklist to Keep Your House Looking Good

For most homeowners, they are only going to think about doing maintenance when things start to go awry.  Whether it be overflowing gutters, a chimney that needs repair, or even a furnace that just doesn’t seem to work anymore, the only time that most people call a professional is when something refuses to work.  With that being said, it is actually very dangerous to the safety of yourself and your family when certain areas of your home are left neglected for long periods of time. 

What this means is that in order to eliminate or at least limit any service delays and to keep the value of your home as high as possible, you are going to want to perform certain maintenance tasks on a regular basis.  Here is a maintenance checklist that you can follow in order to make sure that your home is always operating as it should be. 

In the Wintertime

During the winter you are going to have some very cold temperatures, as well as other harsh elements to deal with.  The main thing that you are going to want to do during this time as far as your home is concerned, is going to be damage control.  Depending upon where you live and the weather that you must deal with during this time of year, you may not have the luxury of getting any type of extensive exterior repairs done.  Here is what you should be doing for your home during the winter.

  • Check your gutters and roof for any sign of ice dams and remove them.
  • Make sure that your outside faucets have the correct covers on them and that they have noticed up.
  • Take advantage of the weather and clean out your basement, attic or garage.
  • Make sure that the land surrounding your home is graded away from your house to help prevent any type of interior flooding.

In the Springtime

This time of year is mainly going to be for doing the maintenance that is required, thanks to the damage that has occurred during the winter.

  • Clean out your gutters and use a garden hose to make sure that they drain correctly. 
  • Check for any type of damage to the exterior of your home and repair it as needed.
  • Check the roof for any sign of damage or loose shingles, as well as check all the vents.
  • Clean up and replace your window screens as needed.
  • Trim any trees that may need trimming.
  • Pressure wash the house and surround concrete areas.  This is best to call a company that specializes in power washing in Orlando FL.

During the Summer

With warmer weather during the summer months, it provides ideal working conditions to make repairs caused by the other seasons.

  • Repair siding and paint as needed.
  • Clean and then repair your deck and fences.
  • Flush your water heater.

During the Fall

This is going to be when you get your home prepared for the upcoming winter season.

  • Remove and put your window screens into storage.
  • Install storm windows if your home has them.
  • Remove any window unit air conditioners or winterize your central air conditioning unit.
  • Have your annual maintenance done on your furnace
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