How Ashley Black Is Raising The Bar With A Spiritual Approach To Female Entrepreneurship

Ashley Black has unlocked the door to real prosperity as a female entrepreneur. Having learnt that life with designer price tags will never make you happy in the long run Black ventured out on a soul seeking journey. Practising a myriad of ancient practices combined with modern manifestation science, Black unlocked the door to find her prosperity and is living proof that you really can have it all.

As a decorated entrepreneur, author, speaker, inventor, American Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year recipient Ashley Black knew that her life could be even more fulfilling. She knew no award, no amount of monetary success or kudos could fulfil. So when she took her last child to college, she made a drastic decision to further self-seek, and moved, by herself to Costa Rica. Even though she faced harsh criticism for “leaving opportunities on the table,” she wanted to dive deep and develop herself as “an entire human being” which is exactly what she’s done for herself – redefining prosperity while kicking ass and taking names.

Black pinpoints a moment where she feels her spiritual trajectory was awakened to a terrifying near death experience in her late twenties. “After an experience like that, you come out a different person,” she describes. “I had no idea that with my work with fascia, healing people was my purpose. I just knew that I was different, and that I was crippled.”

Describing how her own adversity both revealed and inspired her mission in life, she says; “I needed to find a way so I prayed for something to reveal the path to heal myself, with a promise to share that path with the world.” Black says for her the path is ever evolving and elevating, suggesting the key is to “allow the universe to conspire, get out of your own way, lay down the ego and flow.”

Black describes her spirituality as the genesis for the science of Fasciology. Spirituality is at the heart of Black’s products, with books and teachings omnipresent in her award winning 9 figure business. The entrepreneur puts authenticity above all else with every step she takes in her life. “My entire business is based on manifestation and tapping into a force greater than me. Some people call it the universe, some people call it God. But at the end of the day, we’re all tapping into the same thing.” She ascertaines to the truth that there’s really no general blueprint for building a successful business. She encourages others to find their true self and build their businesses from that space. “I have to be intuitively and authentically aligned with what really makes me happy and what I want to do for the world. Then all my business decisions, products and customer communication mirrors that core essence. I would be miserable trying to figure out market demand and what is generally expected of a business, I do what I like and hope others like it too.”

The ‘BE’ Book

Spreading her wisdom further in the field, the entrepreneur has now teamed up with award-winning TV producer, Lisa Vrancken, and world-renowned brand strategist, Korie Minkus in the co-authoring of BE: From Passion and Purpose to Product and Prosperity. Set to soar straight to the top of the best seller list, the book celebrates a synergy of wisdom and journeys to success, paired with stories from women who courageously overcame personal and professional challenges in life and business.

Black explains how the book is unique in its continual crossovers between spirituality, belief systems and business. “I feel like this is a really groundbreaking book,” she says.  “Each chapter has a particular message. We give them science, we give them the meat, but at the end of each chapter, they’re going to go through an exercise of self exploration.”

She outlines how the book takes the female entrepreneur on a journey of self discovery and personal development. “It’s like ripping the band aid off and looking at all those areas of your life. We want to unearth the true passions of our readers, not what they think is a good business idea. That’s the essence of the first part of the book; passion and purpose.”

Black’s experience and understanding of brainwave optimisation and mindset expansion played a large role in the coming together of the book, marrying modern scientific discoveries with teachings from ancient spiritual realms. It emphasises the importance of gaining an awareness of the power of our thoughts. “I think it’s important for people to understand the basic concept of brainwaves. If we don’t have brain coherence, meaning our brain is in harmony, then we really lose that ability to connect with ourselves, our intuition and therefore the universe.” 

Having gone from the hustle and bustle of the city to the sweet serenity of Costa Rica, Black knows first hand the importance of silencing the mind to allow the path to unfold. An incoherent mind leads to poor judgement and impulsive decision making, yet so many of us hurry through our lives on the hamster wheel that we think will lead us to the life of our dreams. “The first step to harmonious coherence is stopping. Stop being so busy and caught up in everything. That makes for a very messy brain. And it’s easier said than done, so I hope the techniques in the book will inspire readers to carve out those moments as part of their overall plans, as the foundation.”

Black encourages the female entrepreneur to leap off the merry go round and develop daily habits that help them align with their authentic selves. “In order for us to achieve harmony, the first thing that we have to do is start stripping things away. Strip things away that are not in alignment with what we want for our lives or business. We talk about how to do that in the real world a lot in the book. You have to create the space for growth.”

Having made a self-fulfilling promise to always follow her intuition and lead from a place of authenticity and integrity, Black deems uncovering the true meaning of prosperity as the biggest lesson she learnt through her success. She suggests throwing out modern ideals of overconsumption and a fit-to-burst bank account – and; instead, putting yourself in an environment where you feel like you’ve landed, where you feel your truest self. “Prosperity is very individual,” Black points out. “When I’m feeling into my essence and designing an authentic life, the things that truly make me happy are being able to wake up early and go to the beach. Surfing is important to me, friendships, fun and play is important to me. My relationship with God, my children, my partner Jordi is important to me. Having the money to create the space for these things is the luxury I have created for myself. For me, that’s what makes an extraordinary and beautiful life.”

Black is poised to become the next self made female billionaire with her IPO in 2024. She unapologetically says “This prosperity is a gift and I intend to use it in my own life to bring about joyful moments and I intend to do good things in the world. That is the circle.” With this book BE… she inspires female entrepreneurs across the globe to challenge the status quo and trust that all the answers they’re seeking are already within, they just need to learn how to look.

Gain more of Ashley Black’s expansive wisdom from her latest co-authored book – set for release June 28, 2022: BE: From Passion and Purpose to Product.

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