How Genfluencer Analyzes the Digital and Cultural Advancements

How Genfluencer Analyzes the Digital and Cultural Advancements

In a society where social media has cemented itself as a critical factor in our lives, a news media organization, Genfluencer, has emerged as a communal hub for coverage on digital culture. The two founders, Marko Danial and Adam Meskouri, believe that the online world is a realm of unlimited news.

As both founders are avid users of Instagram (specifically as a business tool), they’ve spent years building up an array of niche pages. Upon spending an extended time on apps that are most discarded as wastes of time, they concluded that the web’s inner workings were a source of untapped potential in reported media.

Meskouri notes, “the next generation of entrepreneurs is online, and it’s time to start sharing their stories.” Meskouri owns a multitude of pages dedicated to showcasing technology, sports, and comedy. In total, his pages amass over 2 million total followers. Meskouri frequently reaches out to other social media creators with an offer to feature their story and enjoys interviewing like-minded entrepreneurs. His long term goal with Genfluencer is to give influencers a platform to build a name, essentially giving them an outlet to share their previously overlooked successes.

Marko Danial (commonly known as Pharaoic) has spent the past six years of his life on social media. From his sports company Spzrts to his similarly extensive network of over 4 million social media followers. As a young kid, Danial yearned for social media stardom, noting that his goal has always been to have a large presence that gives him a way to connect with millions of people daily. Upon posting a video of his favorite basketball star Kobe Bryant, he went viral. For the next few years, social media became his main focus. Now in a comparable position to his original goal of virality, Danial wants to make the journey easier for young influencers.

While Genfluencer focuses on digital culture, they frequently feature analysis pieces on exciting, empirical, and theoretical topics. With a unique twist on traditional writing, the pieces serve as educational and interactive pieces of media. They provide opinion columns, breaking news coverage, and more.

Marko Danial and Adam Meskouri hope to rebuttal the narrative that social media is an inherently negative influence. By showcasing the potential benefits of taking online media seriously, they plan to shift its pessimistic outlook. As Genfluencer continues to grow, it acts as a middleman for rising influencers and success.

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