How Matt Quinlivan from Holden MA became a successful entrepreneur in just 2 years

How Matt Quinlivan from Holden MA became a successful entrepreneur in just 2 years

Matt Quinlivan 20, never imagined the he would be where he is today a few years ago. But with hard work and dedication he has managed to go from struggling in high school working various 9-5 jobs, all the way to being a full time day trader, business owner, and social media influencer in a very short time span. Starting his first lawn care business at the age of 12, Quinlivan quickly grew a love for entrepreneurship. Although this was no multi million dollar company, this was what would now be known as his first step into the world of business. Matt also credits a bit of his entrepreneur and business mindset to his father, who owns a small business.

Later on in high school Matt would work several jobs including landscaping, food running, septic cleaning, and even snow cat operating. Matt was able to save his earnings to later on fund his first day trading account a year out of high school. “I was looking for ways to make money outside of what you typically see everyone do, hours of research later I would stumble across day trading which I immediately knew from then and there I wanted to start”- Says Quinlivan. Not knowing the hard journey he was getting himself into he evidently ended up dedicating all of his time, making many sacrifices into becoming a successful options trader at the age of 20.

Around the same time would be start his fitness and apparel brand “YoungRichMuscle” a high quality brand of clothing and soon to be gym, aimed to instill 3 keys into his audience… discipline, consistency, and patience. He believes these are the 3 things that you need to achieve anything you set your mind to in life. Quinlivan aims to inspire the younger generation around him everyday through both his fitness and day trading content, along with his new podcast “The YRM Podcast” where Matt and his long time friend and business partner talk money, motivation, and mindset. In addition he also loves to teach others how to trade in his new education and signals group “MJQtrades”. If you would like to see more of Matt you can visit his websites and social medias below.

Instagram: mattquinlivan

Twitter: mattquinlivan

YouTube. Matt Quinlivan

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