How Paul Hilse Went from Financial Insecurity to Taking Control of His Life

With student loans, wage stagnation, and the rising cost of living as hot-button topics, it comes as no surprise that today’s young adults have drastically different spending habits than those of generations before. CNBC reported, according to data from the Pew Research Center, that Millennials and Gen-Zs have both been more spendthrift and have lower spending power compared to previous generations. When they do invest, Investopedia found that the same generations have been found to prioritize not only self-enrichment, but also enrichment of the world around them.

Entrepreneur Paul Hilse is no exception. When he was just 18 years old, Paul’s family lost their entire fortune to a real estate scam. By 19, Paul had not only saved himself and his family from homelessness, but also he’d helped countless others find their own financial freedom.

In the despair of bankruptcy, Paul initially tried many of today’s most popular business models. Attempts ranged from dropshipping, social media marketing, and Amazon FBA. They all failed to give Paul a reliable stream of sufficient income. What he did find, however, was YouTube Automation. After further study, experience, and trial-and-error, he found what he was looking for — a model that was more lucrative, sustainable, and simpler than anything else.

Today, Paul Hilse earns six-figures per month through his various YouTube Automation channels. Not only that – the fact this income is fully-passive changed his life and allowed him to live life to the fullest. From sleeping on his aunt’s couch, soaking in the indescribable pain of personal and financial insecurity, Paul was able to take back full control of his life. Thanks to his significant passive income, Paul now has the freedom to do what he wants and he is never stuck hustling just to put food on the table and to keep a roof above his head.

With his YouTube Automation coaching services, Paul now shares the advantages of this unique business mold to help others find their own financial freedom.

With more than 74% of U.S. adults using YouTube, according to Pew Research, potential revenues for content creators are at their peak. Paul’s company specializes in helping others capitalize on YouTube’s potential gains. At the moment, his company offers two different packages to help people earn passively through YouTube Automation. The first focuses on coaching services to help everyday individuals establish and scale their own Automation systems. The second allows investors to invest in YouTube channels that are fully managed by Paul and his team.

For Paul, however, it is not about the money that he earns from the business. Instead, he remembers the influence of his father, an immigrant who always prioritized helping the community, as a big reason for why he does what he does.

Recalling his father, Paul says, “He once said to me ‘Money comes and goes, but the impact you leave on people and communities is permanent.’ At that time, I didn’t fully understand, but now I realize what he meant. Money should not be the main focus, [it’s] only a means to an end. Instead, have a burning desire for impact. Focus on changing people’s lives and uplifting communities and you’ll leave a lasting legacy.”

Today, he aims to continue his father’s philosophy and leave his own legacy. For Paul Hilse, what he grants to his clients is not only money, but also a means to whatever end they dream of.

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