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How To Play Your First DJ Set?- with Angelo Raguso

How To Play Your First DJ Set?- with Angelo Raguso

Intro :

Every time we go to an evening we focus carefully on the DJ generally thinking of two things “sexy, will he be single?”, But above all “but how the heck does he do everything he’s doing by just twisting with two wheels?”. If for the first question the answer is simpler than you think, for the last one sometimes, even after a careful study of hands and headphones, the mystery has no solution. Here are the 5 DJ-set techniques used by the most famous DJs in the world that will make you think “It can be done!”, directly shared from international DJ and Producer from Italy, Angelo Raguso

A question that always causes a stir among old-school DJs and young people:

Vinyl or CDJ?

Loved by nostalgics, but above all by lovers of beautiful sound, vinyl let’s face it, they are the kings of the world of djing, because, and now you don’t make those faces: the quality of a vinyl song will always beat that of an mp3. In addition to warm raw and rough sounds that can also shake Barry White in the grave, vinyl especially allows a series of techniques (from scratch to beat juggling) that will make you go back in time and feel old school. I don’t like any of them btw, my setup was: mixer Xone 42 + traktor controller MK1  (x4) + Traktor on my Laptop, and lots of music

Best software? Traktor for DJ sets, or Ableton for live sets?

Traktor – Developed by Native Instrument, it allows you to mix tracks by adding all the effects that we all want when we listen to music at home with friends: from the loop to the automatic synchronization of the rhythm. So what is the DJ for?

Ableton – If you are a bit of an old school fanatic but would also like to try sampling and lying down with synths until dawn, this is all for you: samplers, synthesizers, samplers and above all, an easy interface to understand.

What should I play? What do you or the people who are listening to you like?

A middle ground, that is, if you have a defined style, chess, minimal techno sounds, then the people who will come to listen to you, cannot expect to listen to the deep house. So play what you like, as people (presumably) know what genre you do.

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