HTH COMMUNICATIONS: Sustainability Pioneers in the Wireless Era

HTH COMMUNICATIONS: Sustainability Pioneers in the Wireless Era

Wireless communications is the wave of the future, and it’s time to hop on board! With the convenience of being connected without the hassle of cords, it’s no wonder that wireless technologies are now the norm. And why not? With fast speeds and reliable connections, it’s a no-brainer. Over the past two-decades, mass-offering of mobile broadband (MBB) access to the Internet has been the dominating theme of wireless communications and recently became a reality with the introduction of various advanced transmission technologies, including multiple antenna transmission and reception (MIMO), multicarrier transmission, channel-adaptive transmission, etc. Future wireless communication systems should effectively support a universal and ubiquitous cyber physical infrastructure for a huge variety of applications with novel network structure, spectrum access schemes, and resource allocation solutions, while considering the energy efficiency and security/privacy considerations. To effectively deliver ultra-high data rate, massive connectivity, and seamless coverage, while accommodating dramatically different quality of service requirements, highly innovative technological solutions are required to address various challenges facing wireless communications.

Wireless communication systems are carrying a growing amount of confidential information. The broadcasting nature of wireless transmissions, however, makes the transmitted information vulnerable to eavesdropping. To effectively support various highly-secrecy-sensitive applications, novel transmission technologies should apply to facilitate or even enhance the information secrecy. For example, the security performance of wireless transmission could be improved by exploring wireless propagation characteristics, as in physical layer security technology. One of the modern industries working in the same domain of work is HTH Communications LLC.

HTH Communications works in affiliation with AirVoice Wireless, AirTalk Wireless, Cintex Wireless, and NewPhone Wireless. The company was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas. HTH Communications LLC is an American-based global distributor of wireless devices. The company is widely known for distributing both new and used mobile devices, as well as fulfillment services, procurement of parts and handsets, handset refurbishing, and reverse logistics services. HTH Communications has provided quality products and services to mobile phone companies such as Micro Wireless Providers, MVNO’s (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), Wholesalers, and Independent Wireless Dealers both nationally and globally. HTH Communications develops and customizes software solutions for clients and offers 4PL and a full portfolio of logistic services and marketing solutions to complement their customers’ capabilities.

According to HTH Communications, sustainability entails functioning in compliance with international quality standards created to guarantee the wellbeing and prosperity of future generations. More greenhouse gases are produced by smartphones than by any other electronic gadget. Although manufacturing new smartphones has a negative environmental impact, every time a phone is refurbished, there is one less used phone dumped in a landfill. The R2v3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and ISO 14001 certifications that HTH Communications maintains are proof of their dedication to both quality and the environment. Besides refurbishing and distributing, HTH also provides logistic services which include product sourcing, testing, flashing, labelling, kitting, programming, branding/de-branding, packaging, and shipping.

HTH aims to reduce the environmental impact of mobile devices by extending their lifespan. They are the leaders in the industry in the number of components and parts they can reuse because of their advanced reclamation techniques. Any parts or materials that are deemed useless are always recycled and/or disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way because of their numerous environmental certifications.

Wireless communication is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. Increased use of networking technology over the past decade has led businesses to search for new solutions, thus making Internet and intranet access fast and convenient. HTH Communications is on the path to provide sustainability to clients and customers.

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