Hypnotherapy by Professor Mohammad Arshianfar

Hypnotherapy by Professor Mohammad Arshianfar

It should be noted that Professor Arshianfar holds a degree in Hypnotherapy from the American University of AHA ٫ from the Confederation of Asian Hypnosis and American Hypnosis.


In psychology, hypnosis is sometimes known as hypnotherapy and is used for a variety of purposes such as reducing and treating pain and anxiety.

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy with the technique of guided relaxation, intense concentration and focused attention, tries to achieve a high level of consciousness, which is sometimes called the state of trance. In this case, the person’s attention is so focused that everything that is around the person and passes out of his attention.

Hypnotherapy is usually performed by a hypnotherapist. The therapist uses visualization and verbal repetition to induce hypnosis, and tries to focus the patient on specific thoughts or tasks.

Study conditions in aha America from the language of Professor Arshianfar

To be accepted, all scholarship applicants must apply

Candidates must obtain a Ph.D., DO, or equivalent clinical degree in a doctoral degree, and must meet the organizational requirements for the facility.

Colleagues are expected to devote at least 80% of their full-time work to research or independent research activities (rather than administrative, clinical, or training responsibilities).

Brief information about AHA from Professor Arshianfar

The American Heart Association (AHa) is a US-based non-profit organization that promotes appropriate heart care to reduce disability and death from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Originally founded in New York in 1924 as the Heart Disease Prevention and Treatment Association, it is now based in Dallas, Texas. The American Heart Association is a voluntary national health organization.

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