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Illuminati Watch: A Rising Celebrity Giving the Freemasons Vibe

Illuminati Watch: A Rising Celebrity Giving the Freemasons Vibe

What happened to the Illuminati conspiracy?

This question might come to a few minds who are trying to look at the bigger picture. After all, not everyone is worried about a conspiracy theory when the world has been hit by crisis after crisis ever since the new decade started. Hit by a deadly virus that shook even the most powerful countries, the world is currently going through a global recession, never seen before in recent history. After just two years, the recession has stopped the world in its tracks. On May 19th, 2022, the FTSE 100 index of leading companies sank 1.8%, showcasing that the world may witness another crisis. Did anyone think for a moment that the Illuminati might be behind all of this? Perhaps not.

For those who have forgotten about the Illuminati, it was referred to as Bavarian Illuminati in the 17th century. A secret society that strongly believed in enlightenment ideals. That handful of people sought to spread their beliefs among the masses. Chris Hodapp, the coauthor of Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies, said that the ambitious people wanted to rule the world. Although, they could never capitalize on their efforts, in that era. But currently, they are one of the most influential groups in the world.

With world leaders and billionaires being active members of the group, its members now influence political decisions in different facets. The group further expanded when they joined the Freemasons Lodge to recruit more members for their society. There are others as well. Even some notable personalities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Avenged Sevenfold have publicly shown their support for the freemasons or the Illuminati. Their support sparked a debate about whether their fans might follow them on this path. After all, the Illuminati are famous for brainwashing people to leave their religions and bow down to the devil. The reality of the situation is quite blurred to point out fingers, but another one is seen active in this area, namely a singer, Japrince Fulmore. Japrince is one of the most promising singers to have surfaced on the United States’ music forum.

Japrince a singer, musician, songwriter, was born and raised in New York. He was also a child actor. Belonging to a family of successful artists and entrepreneurs, he was destined to follow in the footsteps of his famous family name. Although he appeared in several commercials and TV shows in minor roles, Fulmore was more inclined toward music, but with a twist, he wanted to help the masses to reach their true potential through the art of music. That was his initial purpose in life, but things may not be as simple as they seem. Some pictures of him have been surfaced on the internet where he’s seen showing the Illuminati symbol in his hands. The severity of the situation may not seem too dangerous at the moment, but this may embark on a conspiracy of its own.

Most conspirators believe that the shadowy cabals known as the Illuminati rules the world. After all, research indicates that this group has been in action for more than 300 years. Still, people are skeptical about their existence. Perhaps, there’s a good chance that the ongoing crisis is the group’s way of erasing its existence from the people’s subconscious minds. Let’s look at it this way, an Illuminati Facebook page has over 3.4 million likes, and Madonna’s songs are all about this group. So, this shows that the group is well and truly alive, and if someone like Japrince has also jumped on the bandwagon, things can worsen beyond repairs.

Japrince can be a perfect addition to this community. For one, his credentials as a singer are noteworthy, and he has over 30 thousand followers on Instagram and countless on YouTube. He also addresses a broader audience from the Japrince Show, where he talks to people and helps them overcome the inner barriers which hold them back. For someone like Japrince, it’s a lot easier to manipulate someone’s minds and persuade them away from their beliefs.

The dark web is filled with research around the celebrities selling their souls to the devil, but on the surface, they are running charity organizations. Japrince is one of those people who are also “doing good” by helping people in their paths towards a brighter tomorrow. The real question is, “is his path to success the right one?”

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