Ilsa Shafi- An 18 Year Old SEO optimiser from India who is influencing youth with her works

Ilsa Shafi- An 18 Year Old SEO optimiser from India who is influencing youth with her works

Ilsa Shafi is a SEO optimiser and content curator who has renounced her name by working in multiple organisations, websites and companies. She lives in the Indian occupied UT Kashmir.
Ilsa initiated her writing career by publishing articles in the leading newspaper of her state ʻGreater Kashmirʼ- ʻSoul So Coldʼ, ʻReminiscing The Childhoodʼ, ʻTell My Storyʼ etc Later she started to join organisations like ʻ21Consequencesʼ on the post of content curator, ʻProject EIFLʼ as an intern social media manager, ʻPaper planesʼ as content producer etc. Ilsa went on to work for different websites like Paperwiff, Azena Community, Fuzia Empowerment, BoredPanda, Medium and many more. In 2020, Ilsa was offered to write for a website ʻGetScoopyʼ created by Harsh Dagga in which her articles started to hit the trending page. (The website is now eradicated by the owner).
In the publishing field, Ilsa moved ahead to publish her works and coauthored in total of 18 books like; ʻDawning Dusksʼ (ISBN978-93-91302-70-2) which was a tribute to rape victims, ʻRavaged Soulsʼ (ISBN- 979-84-571949-0-8), “The Unfolded Words (ISBN978-1639749209), ʻWalking Disasterʼ (ISBN- 978-93-93390-41-7) and many more. She later compiled her own book ʻHiraethʼ under the ISBN-10: 1685238122 and ISBN-13: 978-1685238124 with Serving You Publications by world record holder Yumna Gulvez with 70 different co-authors. She has worked with publications like- Flairs & Glairs publication, Serving You Publications, Epiphany Publishing house, Aesthe Publishing house. She is currently working with a worldwide known entrepreneur Isshu Preet Singh- The owner of the company ʻSmarter Circleʼ.

Awards Ilsa has been appreciated with 2 national level certifications by Esuper7 for her writing. She has also received a winning certificate by Kashmir Bulletin for her photography. With this she has received certificates for her calligraphy by Talent Quest and for poetry in the Awaaz 1.0 held in August 2021. She recently was awared by Touseef Raina and Sheikh Amir (spokesperson JK Congress) for her achievements in life.

Her works contain- Words That Work As Clothes, Aviation (Most Popular), CPL & PPL (Popular), Top 10 books to read (Popular), Podcasts recommendations, I see drugs, Career in Journalism, Unacceptable Behaviour, The Lost Title, Hiding Truths, How Beautiful (from the co-authored book ʻWalking Disastersʼ), COVID- A Globeʼs Protocol, To The Rape Victims (from the co-authored book “Dawning Dusks”), Kagal Exercises etc.

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