IMAN NADERIPOUR Says :There is no end to progress. Acting is hard work, but not in Iran!

IMAN NADERIPOUR Says :There is no end to progress. Acting is hard work, but not in Iran!


Tell us about acting and apart from interest, what was the reason you went to acting? Were the conditions and situation suitable for this issue in the family?


I myself did not realize when this interest was formed in me. Maybe the interest in some things is genetic. I remember that I wanted to be an actor since I was six years old.


My family didn’t have a problem with me going into acting, but people around me always tried to tell my family not to let him study acting because his studies are good, and they told me that you should choose another field and study theater and acting along with it. see Some people thought that I would lose this interest, but as I grew older, my interest in acting also grew.


Do you think that only talent or interest is enough to become an actor? Anyone who has talent or interest can become an actor?


If someone is interested and does not have talent, he cannot become a good actor, and I think that those who have acting talent are definitely interested. Acting is a very tough road, even the people who are superstars today have taken a very tough road to get here. If there is no faith, belief and love in a person, he cannot endure these hardships. I always say that acting is a one-sided love that one sacrifices from his soul and soul, and maybe the hardships of the road fall on one’s life, but he still goes and follows.


Maybe I have complained a lot in these years, why can’t it be done? This year I realized that all these years I have been working and what I wanted to happen had actually happened. My patience and my belief in myself tells me that I will definitely get better and better every day. Progress has no end.


Are you satisfied with this now that you are working abroad in Iran?


Yes, I think outside of Iran, more principled activities are followed in this field


The job market and career future of acting in the world

Your role as an actor usually involves interpreting the writer’s work under the direction and support of the director, although some jobs may require the actor to design a character or improvise a character’s reactions to a situation.


Acting is a powerful profession; By pretending to be someone else, actors can trick people into believing that the character they are playing is actually real. Actors influence emotions, trends and critical debates. Without them, the world would be a boring place.


Many of these graduates focus on acting, some on television, and some only on theater.


To become a successful actor, you need a certain amount of talent. But to get ahead in this tough industry, you have to practice, learn the techniques and keep practicing.


In fact, the normal activities of an actor go beyond working on stage and performing on stage. When the cameras aren’t rolling and the lights aren’t on, everything is offstage.


Actors rehearse their roles, attend speech and acting classes, do independent research, and do their best to refine the character they are playing. Famous actors may also be asked to promote the products they are working on through press interviews and television appearances.


It is obvious that actors should also look for other jobs in order to have a minimum income abroad so that they don’t have problems to spend their basic life. In general, it is difficult to enter the job market of this field abroad, just like in Iran, and it requires a lot of effort and perseverance.


Employment of actors is projected to grow by 32% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. On average, about 8,200 job opportunities are expected for actors annually.



Income and salaries of acting in the world

Understandably, there is absolutely no standard salary for actors anywhere in the world. Because these people receive salaries in the form of wages, and the amount received by each actor is completely different from another actor. Movie and TV actors usually earn more than theater actors. However, it all depends on the fame, experience and celebrity of each actor. If you’re an actor who draws a large audience, you’re likely to be paid more. Due to the different payments for each person according to the skill and the country, we do not mention the amount in this section, and I suggest you to visit the payscale website to see the salaries of this profession in the country of your choice.


Top acting universities in the world

Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts

Harvard University

Cambridge University

University of Melbourne, Australia

Stanford University

The Juilliard School

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