Imran Khan was seen walking hand-in-hand with South Indian actress Lekha Washington, which renewed relationship rumours

Imran Khan has long since left the entertainment industry. The actor attracted attention by making a rare appearance at the Mumbai engagement party of Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira. Imran has recently drawn notice once more after being photographed holding hands with south actress Lekha Washington.

Lekha looked lovely in a patterned dress, while Imran looked super cool in a black t-shirt and blue trousers. As they passed the throng, the couple could be seen walking hand in hand. When they were with each other, they appeared joyful and energetic. Their compatibility has spurred new dating rumours.

Imran’s alleged affair with Lekha Washington was believed to have strained his marriage to Avantika in the past. Imran and Pablo Chatterji, Lekha’s ex-husband, are said to have been good friends. These rumours, however, were not officially confirmed.

Avantika’s photos of Sahib Singh Lamba earlier this year have become very popular on social media. The two reportedly began dating after they got to know one another through a mutual friend. They reportedly weren’t eager to assign any labels to their developing connection, though.


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