India honors its military prowess and cultural legacy on Republic Day

India honors its military prowess and cultural legacy on Republic Day

In observance of India’s 75th Republic Day, thousands of people gathered along a ceremonial promenade in the center of the nation’s capital to watch a vibrant procession highlighting the nation’s military might and cultural legacy.

As the primary guest of the anniversary of the country’s adoption of its Constitution on January 26, 1950, following India’s independence from British colonial authority, French President Emmanuel Macron saw the procession on Friday.

Macron was taken by Indian President Draupadi Murmu to the viewing area in a stately horse-drawn vehicle reminiscent of the British era. This marked the first parade appearance for the carriage since the government gave it up for an automobile forty years ago.

At the viewing area, Macron was greeted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was dressed in a saffron and yellow turban.

Foreign leaders are usually invited by India to see the show. Previous years’ guests of honor included former US President Barack Obama in 2015, former French President Francois Hollande in 2016, and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in 2016. In 2018, ten leaders from Southeast Asia observed the procession.

Hundreds of police and military personnel marched alongside tanks, missile systems, infantry combat vehicles, and medium-range surface-to-air missile systems that were on show. There were also more than 250 women among the motorbike stunt artists.
With such little notice, Macron accepted India’s offer when US President Joe Biden was unable to attend due to his State of the Union speech and reelection campaign.

“A great honour for France. Thank you, India,” Macron said on X.

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