RealestateKashmir is the first and largest online Property and construction service provider in 

Jammu & Kashmir. It was founded in 2015 and has since revolutionized the real estate industry of 

Kashmir by connecting buyers and sellers online in a highly convenient way, and constructing 

modern, stylish and beautifully designed houses. Making it a household name among Kashmiri 

people with more than 50 listings every month of genuine price only.

The journey was started by a young MBA student, Mr.Mohd Asif Sheikh of Kashmir University in 

2015 . A young highly motivated and focused business person with comprehensive vision. Who 

worked on his idea with passion , discipline and integrity . Initially it was full of challenges and 

complications but later after getting good response from clients and people few months later he 

met his Co-founder Asif Zahoor Malik online while Asif Malik was working as CFO (Chief Financial 

Officer) in Tanzania, also working in a construction company as a part time . Founder shared the 

details, idea and policies of the business with him . Mr.Malik found it very interesting and he 

shared this proposal with 2 of his friends who were also working abroad. Mr Shadab beigh and Mr 

Mir Fanoon.After serval discussions they came up with a conclusion to accept the proposal and came back to 

Kashmir and started functioning of RealestateKashmir as per the policies and guidelines made by 

the founder earlier.


• Home is a dream of every human being and people work hard and invest their hard earned 

money in property to get a home for them and their family however some frauds in market 

change their dream into a nightmare. Our main objective is to help people and save them 

from being frauded as we know there are thousands of property fraud cases in the courts. 

Real estateKashmir keeps always transparency between buyer and seller in a very 

systematic manner and also makes sure property papers are authentic.

• To make market transparent and Genuine in Kashmir. We don’t have any regulatory body 

who can look for the market rates of the places due the this there are so unreasonable 

market rates everywhere which at the end is very big problem growing for present and our 

coming generations . RealestateKashmir list those properties only which are on genuine 

market price and always encourage people to sell and purchase on genuine price only.

• To give People what they really want. the people who purchases a house or build a house 

through a contractor out of them most of the costumers are not satisfied because they don’t 

get what they wanted. RealestateKashmir focus on costumer’s level of satisfaction and their 


• To get back faith of people in contractors nowadays people don’t trust contractors as some 

contractors compromise with material quality and trust of people for some short term 

profit . keeping that in view realestateKashmir have many costumer friendly polices with 

more transparency and reliability.


Sheikh Asif

The incident happened with my family in which we lost our money to a fraud pushed me to start

Realestatekashmir. After that incident I was literally shocked how can people do such frauds But 

when I surveyed I found many fraud cases to which some people even have lost their everything . I 

got to know there is no accountability, transparency and awareness among people. All these 

things led me to take a step towards the solution of this problem where I can help people like me 

from being scammed. In the beginning it was very tough road to take I did many surveys all over the city and outskirts. After months of research into the functioning of Kashmir’s Real estate 

Market I also met many prominent persons of real estate market in Kashmir due to which I 

learned how this market actually works. Initially it was full of challenges and complications and 

then I framed the policies of “RealestateKashmir “ accordingly. I was the first one who started 

online real-estate marketing in Kashmir. I decided to use social media marketing a very 

transparent platform for listing of properties but in beginning people were not comfortable in 

sharing their property online then gradually they understood the idea I soon decided to have my 

own Application and website so that people can easily reach and take advantage of technology I 

got amazing response from people all over the Kashmir. Later on when I reached my co-founder 

Asif Zahoor Malik we decided to run this firm on bigger scale . We get more then 200 calls a day , 

we have 70k +followers on Instagram and 32000+ subscribers on You Tube which is the highest 

number of any business organization in Kashmir we had sold 90% of our listings so far and 

handed over more than 40 projects in 4 years. We’re the only technology-driven real-estate firm in 

Kashmir the one-stop solution for all the real-estate requirements of Kashmir


Asif Malik 

In 2009 we started construction in Kashmir but when in 2010 situation in Kashmir got tough left 

for Africa . I was in Tanzania when I first saw a post of RealestateKashmir l was very amazed to 

see that thing for first time in Kashmir. I texted on that and praised that I got in a conversation 

with the founder it was very interesting conversation in a meanwhile he gave me proposal to be a 

part of RealestateKashmir after many discussions with 2 of my friends we decided to come back to 

Kashmir and be a part of RealestateKashmir.

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